The mask that disinfects itself and that you can control from your mobile

The use of the mask has proven to be an effective hygiene measure to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. For this reason, since last May its use has been mandatory in Spain in all closed public spaces and also in open spaces where the safety distance cannot be guaranteed. 

In addition, since the autonomous communities can regulate the use of the mask, in some territories it  is mandatory to wear it whenever you leave home.

Although hygienic masks sold in supermarkets have been shown to be effective , according to a study by the OCU , they have several drawbacks. On the one hand, they cover your face, so that others cannot see your facial expressions. On the other hand, since it is for single use, one must be discarded each time we put it on, which produces a lot of waste.

Because of this, there are more and more models of reusable face masks on the market. Among all of them Cliu Mask stands out, the intelligent mask for lovers. It is made with zero environmental impact materials and carbon five layer filters to keep viruses away from you. 

It has a magnetic frame that can be opened and closed, so you can eat and drink whenever you want without having to take off your mask or it with your hands. The indicator at one end indicates whether it is well sealed. 

It has an integrated microphone and an accelerometer, and has Bluetooth wireless connectivity to synchronize with your mobile. Through its application you can consult statistics such as the time of use, the useful life of the filter, health data such as your heart rate or the quality of your breathing.

In addition, the application offers you real-time information about the quality of the air you breathe, as well as the existence of COVID-19 outbreaks in your environment. It even has a function to find your mask in case you lose it. 

Another advantage is that it can be easily disinfected on its own without you having to do anything . This is possible thanks to its charging base with UV light, which in to charging the battery, all bacteria in less than an hour.

Cliu Mask has been developed by an Italian startup that has launched a crowdfunding campaign to obtain financing for the product. It can be purchased on the Indiegogo page  from 68 euros.

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