The Kindle already has a rival to match: the Kobo Nia costs only € 99, ​​reads EPUB and has a backlit screen


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For many years now, Amazon’s Kindle have been the best-selling ebook readers, especially because the brand decided that it was better for them to sell them by adjusting the price to the maximum, beyond the ease of buying books directly on Amazon without practically moving one finger.

However, despite the fact that in all this type of competition there has been, we have rarely seen an alternative to the Kindle as competitive as the one Kobo has just put up for pre-sale worldwide: the Kobo Nia, which is priced at only 99 euros .

You can already book it in many stores, including FNAC, and it will foreseeably become a success if we take into account its benefits , unpublished until now below 100 euros and outside the Amazon catalog.

It goes on sale officially on July 21, shortly, the date on which you can go directly to pick up your order at any FNAC store if you have not chosen home delivery.

For example, it has a touch screen (no buttons) with a backlit panel , precisely one of the shortcomings of cheap e-book readers to date. With this and a light and minimalist design, it is practically at the height of the most basic Kindle, which for now costs € 89 .

In addition, there is the main advantage of the readers of Kobo and other brands: they read other types of formats outside the reach of the Kindle, starting with the best known, the EPUB.

When you have one of the Kindle, if you want to pass a file in this format to your reader, you must first it with Caliber or another similar program, something that is quite a nuisance for many users, who simply prefer to choose an alternative.

Now you can have a pretty good one, with an attractive design and functionalities such as the illuminated screen for only 99 euros, something that simply had not happened until now and that implies that Kobo goes against everything against the Amazon empire.

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