The iPad Pro with 4G, reduced by almost 300 euros and with free pickup: work with the internet wherever you are


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If you are going on vacation or think that having an iPad with 4G Internet would be an advantage, now you can get and also save a lot of money compared to its original price, which is well over 1,000 euros.

Specifically, we refer to the of 2018 and 11 “in size , the same that FNAC has lowered to leave it at € 789. It is a very good price, since it is the edition that has 4G LTE, so it is Ideal if you usually work or study outside the home.

With it you can use the internet wherever you are, although for that you will have to insert a card with mobile data, of course.

In addition to lowering the price of the 11, FNAC offers the option of picking it up for free at any of its physical stores , something that if you have a close to home it will surely be much more comfortable and that also allows you to save shipping costs.

Despite the fact that there is a new model available, the 2020 iPad Pro , this version still has top-notch hardware, starting with its Full HD + screen with hardly any frames and continuing with its Apple A12X processor, one of the most powerful in the brand.

You can use iPad OS without problems or limitations, even connecting a keyboard and mouse to turn it into a laptop, one of the why many users have left MacBooks to switch to iPads.

Another advantage that not only this but other Apple has is that they retain value quite well over time, and that means that in a few years you will still be able to sell it recovering a good part of the money invested, something that unfortunately is not possible with products of all brands.

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