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What is currently being done today to the US dollar greatly impacts it negatively. Which in-turn is negatively impacting every fiat in the world. Sadly today there is no culture, country or currency that is safe from the negative of the dollar. Basically stated, if the world’s reserve currency is sick and catches a cold it will become contagious. At that point all the rest of the currencies on the planet will become sick. The truth be told however, at this point the dollar is not just sick, it does not simply have a cold, it’s got terminal cancer.

The demise of our world-wide monetary system

At some point the dollar will finally implode after all attempts to stop the process have failed. It is the way governments and central banks have addressed and tried to fix the problem, that’s making the problem terminal. As more deficit spending occurs, money printing continues. By masking the ill effects of debt, more and more potential energy is created and stored upon the dollar.

Once the potential energy is finally released, the resulting implosion will be so severe that a majority of people will be in serious duress and financial turmoil. The only few survivors left will be those people who have pre-positioned themselves ahead of time by holding physical precious metals namely gold and .

For Every that Occurs, Opportunity Follows

Many indicators today are telling us that this event is going to be the greatest opportunity in the history of civilization. The timing of this event of course cannot be pegged to any specific timeline. However it is safe to say it will happen in full force, before the current decade runs out. This decade will not be like anything of the past, nor anything that anyone alive today has ever seen or known. There will be major changes taking place throughout the world’s financial system.

Problems that were speaking about have already occurred throughout the world on a small-scale. We have seen pockets of these economic calamities occurring within our current lifetimes. Examples for the older generations, look at the hyperinflation of 1923 in Weimar Germany. For the younger generations, we can look to the massive hyperinflation within Zimbabwe that occurred, where in-fact there still trying to recover.

During these times people have always had the option to hold their wealth in US dollars to keep from losing all their assets. But now, today, if all the currencies in the world are sick at the , suffering from the same huge inflationary forces, or worse a lack of confidence in currencies, then at that point there is no place else to seek safety other than by holding physical gold and silver.

There has never been a world-wide demand simultaneously, what is happening in the world today is actually a brand new phenomenon that will be absolutely huge. We will all be witnessing the greatest wealth transfer in the history of mankind take place. Therefore we will see the greatest opportunity of mankind taking place. The good news is for those people who act now. Acting now will enable you to take part in this great wealth transfer as it un-folds.

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