The DGT is using a radar that fines more than 1 kilometer away without you seeing it

The DGT is using a radar that fines more than 1 kilometer away without you seeing it

The General Directorate of Traffic reports that it is already a new toy, a much more powerful new portable radar . The Trucam II can take pictures within a kilometer  and can hardly be seen how compact it is. 

The purpose of this cinemometer is to capture drivers who overshoot speed limits, even if they are braking or lifting their foot from the accelerator when they pass close to the control or if they accelerate again when they believe that they are no longer within range of the radar. No one can be free from being fined with the Trucam II . 

This laser radar has been manufactured by the Tradesegur company . It is a compact portable radar that integrates LIDAR technology , which allows you to analyze the speed of vehicles when they are moving away or when they are approaching and that documents with photographs those vehicles that are not respecting the established speed. 

The Trucam II is capable of taking pictures and analyzing speed hidden inside a car or on a day with poor visibility in fog or rain . Adverse weather conditions are not a problem since it is resistant to dust and water.  

Speeding is not your only goal. This new generation of radars will also be responsible for controlling aggressive driving, the use of safety belts and other types of infractions such as the use of mobile phones while driving

Among the qualities offered by this new radar with the latest technology, it has dynamic auto-focus and dynamic auto-iris . It also has a transflective LCD screen and its processor is 10 times faster than the previous generation, so it can take pictures 0.3 seconds apart. 

The DGT is currently this new radar, but Social Drive places it near the Tradesegur facilities, located in the Madrid municipality of Alcobendas , although its location will be difficult to locate at the moment. 

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