The Common Man’s Computer

You have seen a Computer for many years. You have also worked with it for many years. You also know how to use a Computer. I hope that 90% of you reading my writing can be labeled as a medium level Computer user. Their might be a few who might claim themselves as an expert or advanced Computer user , but that’s only a handful of us.

To talk about the medium level users: How many of you can tell how to reinstall the “Show Desktop” that is on your ‘Quick Launch Bar’ in Windows, in case you delete it by mistake? See, the answer is not an easy one. Go to Start-> Run-> Type “regsvr32 /n /i:U shell32”. You will get your Icon reinstalled. This is a mere example related to Software. Similarly you will get puzzled if I ask you whether a PhyX PPU is better or a NVIDIA GPU is better for gaming.

The problem doesn’t come in your daily to daily Computer handling or using, but it comes when you go to buy a Computer from the Market or get stuck up in some Software Problems. There are and Thousands of Computer Brands. It really puzzles us when we go and try to determine which will be better than the other and be the best within our budget. The problem gets more serious and puzzling when we think of buying an Assembled Computer. The seller might sell you anything saying that’s the best whereas he checks for the best Profit he makes. Similarly, the Ads the Computer Brands place claims to be better than one another. So, these things cannot be judged by their Ads or by the Words of the Seller.

Recently, my cousin got a Computer for himself and had spent a jolly good sum of money on it. I took a look at it and went through its parts, but saw that it was not as good as the Computer I bought one year before at a lower price than his. Well, it was perhaps not his fault because he bought a named branded Computer which certainly promises to deliver a good performance. But, it did not work well, in keeping its promise, as it was a slow and bulky one.

It would be perhaps better if he had visited some Website where Customers exchange their views regarding their Products. But, in this world of rapidly changing IT products, a version gets better day by day. It’s hard to get track of the latest Versions. I think that all of us who belong to the mediocre level of Computer user would be benefited if we would have some consulting Website or Helpline. After all, they might charge something from us. That would certainly be agreed if we get a worthy product after consultation.

At least, we would not be puzzled and sure of the fact that it was a worthy thing we bought and not repent after spending a huge sum of money on it and getting a worthless thing.

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