The Boys Season 3: Herogasm Explained! All You Need to Know About the Crazy Phenomenon That’s Ruling Twitter Trends Thanks to Amazon Prime Series

The Boys Season 3: Herogasm Explained! All You Need to Know About the Crazy Phenomenon That's Ruling Twitter Trends Thanks to Amazon Prime Series

The Boys Season 3 from a shock factor perspective has been the craziest. In the previous two seasons, we have of course seen people explode, limbs chopped off, and bones been broken in the most gruesome way possible, but the recent outing has completely upped the ante. The first episode gave us the answer to what would happen if Ant-Man was to, you know, enter Thanos’ butt and expand, and it even presented that in the grossest way possible. The Boys Season 3 Review: Karl Urban and Antony Starr’s Superhero Series on Amazon Prime Video Is a Crazy Ride That Will Leave You Satisfied! (Onhike Exclusive).

With episode six of The Boys Season 3, the marketing promised us one of the most sexually graphic hours of television. Eric Kripke has been hyping up this episode for well over a year now, and things definitely got graphic over here. The concept of this episode itself if taken from a storyline in The Boys comics. Herogasm was a pretty huge deal there. So, before you check out the episode or have already checked it out, learn more about Herogasm that debuted in the comics.

Watch The Trailer For Herogasm:

What is Herogasm?

Herogasm was a spin-off of the comic book The Boys that was created by Garth Ennis. The storyline was a six-issue comic book mini-series that was released in 2009, and is what the show is set to adapt. It also became a part of the mainline series as there were heavy implications on the story.

In the comics, superheroes from all around the world travel to an exotic and remote island with a lavish resort every year. They meet up there, but instead of enjoying the scenery and the very tempting and beautiful beach of the island, there is something truly unimaginable happening there.

Herogasm, for the lack of a better explanation, is a superhero orgy event that is sponsored by Vought themselves. Not only do the supes engage in many graphic sexual activities, but they drown themselves in drugs and alcohol too. Anything goes here for a weekend. Legal or illegal, the company-sponsored orgy allows the superheroes to engage in whatever they please to do.

Definitely Need to Unsee That…

The entire event is kept as a secret from the world. People believe that their superheroes and saviours are out there combatting some massive threat, but no, they are just getting their action on out here.

The Boys also sneak into the Herogasm event as they want to gather some more about the Seven. There are a lot of controversial moments present in this particular storyline, and it really isn’t for those who are easily affected by graphic material. However, the episode in the show does manage a fine line and provides for a very comically fun experience.

The story arc in the comics also saw the debut of Boy. Soldier Boy debuted this season in the show, and is radically different from his comic book counterpart. Portrayed by Jensen Ackles in the show, Soldier Boy is more of a hardened and despicable veteran of the game that portrays the worst aspects of a supe, while in the comics he is more of a coward that will flee from a fight and boot lick anyone and everyone.

Couldn’t Have Put It Better Myself…

Boy in the comics meet Homelander every year at Herogasm so that he could have sex with him and join the Seven. However, in the show, things go down quite differently. Soldier Boy has teamed up with Butcher, and is going around killing many of his teammates from Payback that sold him out to the Russians.

In the episode, we even see Boy and Homelander have a confrontation as the two supes engage in a battle. Not only that, but Soldier Boy and a Butcher hopped up on V-24 tag team Homelander and take him down. Unfortunately, he escapes in the middle of the fight. The Boys Season 3 Premiere: Fans Go Crazy Over the First Three Episodes of Karl Urban’s Superhero Series, Call it a Wild Ride.

The episode truly lived up to the event from the comics, even though it didn’t follow a 1:1 storyline. Herogasm aka The Boys Season 3 episode six is currently streaming on Amazon Prime Video.

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