The Best Lineage 2 Bots – L2Walker and L2Superman

Botting is something that many people have already discovered and do in many games, including Lineage 2. If you are familiar with the game Lineage 2, you know that Lineage 2 adena can be hard to get. That becomes a whole lot easier when you use a Lineage 2 bot. There are two popular bots for the MMORPG Lineage 2. One is L2Walker. It is a simpler to use program and great for someone getting started. Another bot that is more complex but offers al ot more control over your character is L2Superman. You can use either on of these bots with your Lineage 2 account to get lots of levels for your character and lots of adena so you can buy just about anything in the game that you want to. If you have ever tried to use a macro before for Lineage 2, L2 and L2Superman are much better. They are easier to setup because you don’t have to script them if you don’t want to and they bypass the protection software that tries to catch you cheating in Lineage 2. With L2Walker and L2Superman, you can spend a few setting up the bots and then sit back and relax, not having to mess with macros, Lineage 2 cheats, or scripting, unless you want to.If you are like me, you like the idea of doing less to get more. You can buy Lineage 2 accounts and run many of them from the same computer with either of the two Lineage 2 bots. L2 is usually better for smaller groups of two or three characters while L2Superman is better for use with larger groups. With the ability to put up to nine character in the same group in Lineage 2, having all those character running by themselves while you eat, work, sleep, or play something else, all from one computer, is wonderful. I personally love to run a full group of nine Lineage 2 accounts, gaining adena and levels, all while playing World of Warcraft on the same computer. I get to play two games I love and only really put time into the one. Since Lineage 2 can be boring when you are lower level, having a Lineage 2 bot like L2Walker or L2Superman can be a great thing.Many professional Chinese farmers who spend their days gaining Lineage 2 adena use L2Superman or L2Walker. They are professionals, doing this for a living, so you know that L2Superman and L2Walker must be the best programs for automating your Lineage 2 accounts and the characters on them. I even met a person at who runs three computers with twenty-seven Lineage 2 accounts all on L2Superman. He makes a living letting the bots do the work for him, selling the Lineage 2 adena that he has extra and even selling the accounts for hundreds of dollars more than he paid for them. Last time I talked to him a few weeks ago, he had just bought a computer, a new Alienware. He wanted to see how it to the Dell XPS that he bought with the from selling his extra Lineage 2 adena before. I can’t wait until I get good enough at running L2Superman to be able to have enough adena to sell to buy a new computer with the cash I get from selling it. I could go out and buy a computer anyways from my job, but that just isn’t as much fun as letting a Lineage 2 bot do the work and make the money for me.Another person that I talk to started up his own power leveling website for Lineage 2. He has people pay him hundreds of dollars to level their Lineage 2 characters on their accounts and he doesn’t have to do it himself. He just sets up L2 because it is so fast and easy to setup and then lets the L2Walker bot do the work for him, leveling their Lineage 2 account characters. He makes hundreds of dollars per account and runs up to fifteen at a time from the same computer. He is the wealthiest person I know who sits at home and plays games all day. He always seems to have the best new computer and never has to complain about his day at work, because all he does is spend a little time setting up a bot and then just waits until it is done leveling the character so he can go spend his money.If you want to know more about Lineage 2, L2Superman, L2Walker, Lineage 2 botting, and how you can get your Lineage 2 accounts more level and more adena, make sure to check out the site I joined, They sell the activation codes you need for L2Superman and L2Walker, plus have a forum with lots of information and cool people who are fun to talk to about botting in Lineage 2. There are even some really good guides posted as stickies in the forum that make it easy for some new to Lineage 2 botting to get started get level for their Lineage 2 characters and making more adena than they could before. It is risky, but there are even a few people who discuss strategies for botting all day and all night for maximum level and adena gains. I hope you check out and like it as much as I did. It completely changed the way that I played the game, or rather don’t play the game, because the bots do it for me. Do not to forget to look through the forum when you go there for the great Lineage 2 guides for botting that they have at They are some of the best Lineage 2 bot guides I have found, even better than the sites that try to charge you money for information about the bots.If you play Lineage 2 and aren’t botting it already, or are looking for an easy way to while you play other games, make sure to check out and read though more information on Lineage 2 bots and how to use them to make or just have more fun with the game.

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