The best iPhone cases for 2023

There are two types of people in this world: those with naked iPhones and those who stick their handset in a case as soon as they unbox it. If you just got a new iPhone, fall into the latter category and are searching for a certain level of protection, you have an overwhelming range of options to consider. It’s easy to fall down a rabbit hole, researching top cases from companies you’ve never heard of on Amazon. You may be tempted to get one of the cheapest options available, or maybe the one with the cutest pattern or a card holder, but they might not be the best iPhone cases for your needs, especially if you are looking for a MagSafe case. We tested out a number of the latest cases, covers and protectors for a variety of iPhone models to round up the top picks that are actually worth your money.

Spigen Ultra Hybrid Magfit

  • Spigen Ultra Hybrid MagFit Designed for iPhone 15 Case (2023)

If you want a basic, protective case that comes at an affordable price, Spigen has you covered. The company’s Ultra Hybrid MagFit clear cases show off the color of your iPhone and we like their raised bezels that protect the rear camera. The cases also have tactical buttons on the side that make it easy to feel around and adjust your phone’s volume without even looking at it. The overall slim profile of the polycarbonate case allows it to snap to your iPhone without adding too much bulk, and it’s MagSafe compatible as well so wireless charging is easy. Also, the Ultra Hybrid case was one of the most secure we tried – to the point where it was almost difficult to extricate the iPhone when we needed to test out a new phone cover. And while they normally go for around $45, you can often find them on sale for $25 to $30.

Smartish Gripmunk

  • Smartish Gripmunk Compatible with MagSafe iPhone Case

We’ve recommended Smartish cases in the past for their artistic designs, but we particularly like the Gripmunk series for the latest iPhones. These thin cases are a bit rougher around the edges than Spigen’s cases, literally – Gripmunk covers have textured edges that make them easier to grip and less likely to slip out of your hands, while the backs of the cases show off cute patterns and designs like floral arrays, cosmic scenes and more. There are a few solid-color options too, if you want to go the True Basic route (no shame), and these are all MagSafe cases as well. If you’re a minimalist and don’t like to carry a lot on your person, you could ditch your billfold and spring for Smartish’s Wallet Slayer, a cardholder case that has similarly textured edges along with a sleeve on the back. This wallet case can hold up to three credit cards and a few notes of cash.

Case-Mate Blox

If you’re looking for a bold, eye-catching case that has tons of personality, Case-Mate has a ton of great options to consider. Its iPhone 15 series has glittery cases, prismatic covers and everything in between, but the one that stuck out most to me is the Blox line. These cases have squared-off corners that give your iPhone a modern, blocky look. Combine that with their bright neon colors and you’ll likely never have to ask your friends where your phone is again – you won’t miss it. I also appreciate that the Blox cases are fingerprint-resistant, provide protection against 10-foot drops and have built-in magnetics for MagSafe accessory compatibility.

Incipio Organicore

You have many more options today than you did previously if you want an environmentally friendly phone case. Incipio’s Organicore line is one of our favorites because its high-quality cases are 100 percent compostable, provide decent protection and the latest models are MagSafe compatible, too. They come in clear and opaque designs, and the latter has a buttery texture that makes the case feel more luxurious than you’d think. Organicore cases will protect your iPhone from drops up to eight feet, and their raised edges will be the first line of defense your phone has against accidental dings and bumps. MagSafe accessories work fine, but we did find that the opaque case wasn’t the grippiest out of the ones we tested. Best to stick to flat wireless chargers like Apple’s, rather than vertical magnetic stands where gravity can take over.

Cyrill Kajuk Mag

  • CYRILL Kajuk Mag Compatible with iPhone 15 Pro Case Leather (2023)

Cyrill makes a number of sleek and elegant cases and the Kajuk Mag is no exception. It’s one of the thinnest and lightest cases we tried, but it does have four layers of protection: a soft microfiber lining, a sturdy PC back, TPU bumpers and a vegan leather exterior. Since the company doesn’t boast a certain level of drop protection, this slim case is a good option for those that care more about aesthetics and case design, but also want a simple, protective layer standing between their iPhone and hard concrete. As the name suggests, you can use the Kajuk Mag with MagSafe accessories, and it even has an accessory hole built in, for those that want to attach charms, straps and other things.

Peak Design Everyday Case

Peak Design’s Everyday Case not only looks attractive, but it turns your phone into a bunch of different things when you pair it with any of the accessories in the company’s mobile ecosystem. We like its protective rubberized bumper and nylon shell, and its SlimLink connector sits in the middle of the case’s back, waiting for whichever gadgets you need that day. The company’s mobile tripod is one of our favorites for taking better photos with your phone, but also propping it up any which way you need. Commuters can opt for the dashboard mount to keep their phone within reach while driving, or the bike mount when you need to read directions on its screen. If you use your phone for everything and want a case that can support all of that functionality, this one is a good option.

Pelican Shield Kevlar

Maybe you work outdoors, go camping frequently or are simply a bit clumsier than most. Some of the best protection you can get for your iPhone comes from Pelican’s Shield Kevlar series cases. Though they’re a little pricey and admittedly bulky, that’s how they safeguard your phone from up to 21-foot drops. The 5mm raised bumper provides shock-absorbing safety for the rear camera lens array as well as the handset as a whole, plus the secure edges and dustproof cover keep all unwanted debris out. Plus, these rugged cases are MagSafe compatible, so you don’t have to sacrifice convenience when opting for as much protection as possible.

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