The best computers you should consider buying in 2023

We all know that computers are the basis of much of our everyday lives. From the servers that form the heart of our digital economy to the smartphones in our pocket that keep us connected within our circle, we now live in a highly computerised world.

Computers are at the core of everything, from leading online casinos like 777 where you can play your favourite games with friends. 

To the latest intelligence management systems for a construction site. Wherever you look in the modern world, there’s a processor somewhere making it all work.

And that means that the market for new computers is more competitive than it has ever been. Technology has progressed rapidly in recent years – and it’s all available in the marketplace at a price.

The average consumer requires more computing power than before, for entertainment, work and communications. That means there is a wider range of computers available to buy than ever.

But how should today’s savvy consumer buy new hardware? What are the best options and which machines best meet your needs?

Buyers can opt for new, refurbished or used devices. They can look at smartphones, pads and laptops.

But in this article we’re going to consider the most powerful option of all: buying a new desktop computer. 

Are they still relevant? Around one fifth of all computers sold are still desktop models – so it’s clear they still have a huge role to play. 

We consulted leading desktop experts to come up with verdicts on some of 2023’s best computers to buy. What are some of the best machines available in 2023?

1 iMac M1

The speedy, stylish iMac was completely redesigned in 2021. And it’s still a great machine built around the superfast M1 chip.

There’s a high quality, sleek 24-inch screen combined with a body so thin it could be muddled up with an iPad. The all-in-one machine comes a lovely array of colours too.

Spec includes 8GB RAM and 256GB SSD. Expect to pay just over £1,100.

2 Dell XPS 8950

At the opposite end of the spectrum from Apple’s cool iMac is this breeze block of a desktop from Dell. It’s a mega-powerful box, with a huge capacity for upgrading.

The base model starts at under £1,000 but the sky’s the limits with upgrades. The XPS can be loaded with up to 4TB of storage and a working memory of 64GB that makes the Apple look like a puny weakling in comparison.

You can also specify higher power supply systems and of course the choice of screen and keyboard is yours too – and the costs will be extra too.

A typical 8950 would be the version sold by Currys in the UK. It’s targeted at serious gaming enthusiasts.

Current price is £1,749. For that outlay you’ll get a 1TB storage system and a memory of 512GB.

3 HP Envy 34 All-in-one PC

HP offers one of the few old-school, all-in-one, big screen set-ups on the market. So Envy 34 buyers will be treated to a sharp 34-inch display with a cool black wireless keyboard and mouse as part of the package.

And it doesn’t seem out-of-date in the least. There’s a magnetically attachable webcam on top of the screen and Qi charging pad in the base. 

Prices vary with spec of course but look at the HP store for details. A typical machine costs £1,800 and offers a 512GB SSD and 16GB of RAM.

4 Apple Mac Mini M1

Apple’s smallest desktop now has a speedy M1 processor inside its chic chocolate-box casing. It’s faster than all the Intel-powered Macs.

You’ll need to budget for a keyboard, mouse and screen too. Watch out for upgrades to spec, they can be costly in the Mac world.

Buyers on a tighter budget might want to look at the lower end of the spec table. A simple Mini M1 costs around £700 when ordered with 8GB RAM and 256GB SSD.

5 Origin PC 5000T

This is a great choice for those into highly customisable gaming machines. It’s a solid impressive system and if you know what you’re doing it’s a chance to build something really impressive.

You’ll be a serious user to spend this much on a desktop tower but it will give you options to configure that none of the others in this list will. It also looks amazing, like something from sci-fi just arrived on planet earth.

Go for top spec build and you can expect a price tag over £3,000. 

It’s less about shed space in this market, more about muscle power. There’s 1TB storage but you’ll get fully playable super-smooth 60fps performance at 4k resolution for that price.  

It’s clear that the market for desktops has never been so exciting. The range from Mini Macs to power towers is huge – as are the differences in prices. 

So it pays to shop around and be sure you know what features you really need before you splash out.

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