The benefits of learning to program even if your job doesn’t require it

“Me? Learn to program?  Why, if I’m not an engineer ”, it would be a most normal reaction of anyone who doesn’t look for a technical job if you offer to do a  programming course . However,  knowing how to program has more benefits than you think.

For starters, it’s a great way to capture the attention of recruiters. According to data revealed by AngelList, candidates who have technical skills – despite not being required for the position – are 50% more likely to be hired than those without.

Of course, getting more job interviews and job offers is not the only  advantage of learning to program . Here we bring you the 5 most outstanding benefits of managing yourself well with a  programming language .

  • Greater autonomy : Being able to change the programming will only give you greater autonomy. For example, if you are an editor and you have your own blog, knowing how to handle HTML and CSS will help you enormously. You will save time avoiding having to approach the developer team for absolutely everything and you will have greater autonomy.
  • Better negotiations : Knowing SQL will help you collect data and get solid results to defend your argument in a negotiation.
  • Sell ​​yourself better : You can create a web page to show all your projects, creating a unique portfolio. In addition, you will acquire other skills to in your CV, such as creating or editing a web page.
  • Better communication : Communication is another key skill to have. If you know programming you will be able to communicate better with the IT department, something that your boss will undoubtedly love.
  • Increase your value : It is rare that who do not have a technical profile know how to program. This will make you truly unique in the job market, being one reason why you can negotiate your salary upwards.
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