The 8 best Amazon Prime Day TV deals to shop for right now

Amazon’s Prime Big Deal Days is almost over, but a number of quality TV deals are still available. While Black Friday generally remains the best time to go TV shopping, Amazon’s latest Prime Day-style sale has brought well-reviewed sets from LG, Samsung, TCL and Hisense down to some of the lowest prices we’ve tracked. A new big-screen is no small purchase, so to help you avoid wasting cash, we’ve sorted through the noise and rounded up the best TV deals we could find below. If you want to spruce up your living room with a new media streamer, we’ve included a handful of deals on those devices as well. Just note that you’ll need to be a Prime member to see a few of the offers.


The 55-inch LG C2 is down to $1,097, which is $100 more than the lowest price we’ve seen for the OLED TV but still $100 less than its usual sale price these days. The C2 is a 2022 model, but various reviews suggest that LG’s new C3 TV is only a marginal upgrade. The older set still provides the kind of high contrast, wide viewing angles, rich colors and smooth motion you’d expect from a good OLED panel, plus it has four HDMI 2.1 ports capable of playing 4K video at 120Hz. A QD-OLED set like the Samsung S90C will deliver better brightness and color saturation, but the C2 should satisfy if you keep it out of a brightly-lit room. LG’s OLED TVs also support Dolby Vision HDR, while Samsung TVs do not.

Samsung S90C

Speaking of the Samsung S90C, the 55-inch version of that OLED TV is on sale for $1,448. While not cheap, this is an all-time low and about $125 off the TV’s average street price. As noted above, the S90C’s QD-OLED panel delivers excellent picture quality in most lighting environments, and it has just about all the gaming features expected from a modern set, including four HDMI 2.1 ports that can reach up to 144Hz in 4K. It won’t get as bright as the best LED TVs with HDR content, but it’ll provide superior contrast, motion handling and viewing angles for those willing to pay a premium.


The LG B2, meanwhile, is down to $847 for a 55-inch model. That’s a new low and roughly $150 off its average street price in recent months. The B2 is the step-down model from the C2, as it’s not as bright or color-rich with HDR content, it runs on a slower processor and it has two fewer HDMI 2.1 ports. That said, its contrast, colors and motion performance will still be a significant upgrade if you’re upgrading from a more basic LED TV. LG’s new B3 TV promises a cleaner webOS interface, but it’s priced a good way higher as of this writing. If you want an OLED TV for less than $1,000, the B2 should be a better value.

Hisense U8K

  • Hisense U8K Mini LED TV (65-inch)

The 65-inch Hisense U8K is available for $998, which ties the lowest price we’ve seen and comes in about $100 below its usual going rate. The 55-inch model is available for $200 less. This is one of Hisense’s new TVs for 2023, and various reviews say it’s one of the better values in the mid-priced bracket, with impressive brightness and good contrast for an LED panel. It runs the easy-to-use Google TV interface and comes with two HDMI 2.1 ports that support 4K at 144Hz. It has other gaming-friendly features like VRR and ALLM too, plus it supports all the major HDR formats. It still won’t look as rich or fluid in motion as a good OLED set, and its viewing angles are worse, but the relatively low price should help make up for that.

Hisense U6K

The Hisense U6K is also on sale, with the 55- and 65-inch models down to $400 and $548, respectively. We’ve seen these deals before, but each matches an all-time low. The U6K is another new Hisense TV that’s received generally positive reviews. It’s one of the few budget-level sets with quantum dots, full-array local dimming and a mini-LED backlight, so it should deliver better contrast and color volume than most TVs in its price range. It’s not ideal for gaming though, as it’s limited to a 60Hz refresh rate and lacks HDMI 2.1 ports. In general, it can’t match the brightness or viewing angles of a more expensive set, but it looks to be a good buy if you’re on a tighter budget.

Hisense’s U7K TV is also on sale, with prices ranging at $550 for a 55-inch model to $1,500 for an 85-inch model. As the name suggests, this set’s performance sits between the U6K and U8K, so it should suffice if it aligns more closely with your budget.

Samsung The Frame TV (LS03B)

  • Samsung The Frame QLED TV (55-inch)

Samsung’s The Frame TV is down to $998 for a 55-inch set with an included bezel cover. That’s a hefty $550 less than this bundle’s average street price. Several other sizes are discounted, from the 32-inch model for $548 to the 85-inch set for $3,498. The Frame TVs lack local dimming and mini-LED backlighting, so their picture quality, while decent, isn’t as high-end as the price tag might suggest. Instead, as we’ve noted before, you’d buy this QLED TV for the aesthetics. It’s designed to look like a piece of art you can mount against a wall, and when you aren’t watching something, you can use it to display artwork and photos. A few pieces come included, while others are sold with an optional subscription.


The 75-inch TCL Q6 is available for $680, which is about $70 off its usual street price and an all-time low. This budget-level set lacks the local dimming and mini-LED backlight of the Hisense U6K, and recent reviews suggest that it performs worse as a result. The main reason we list it here is because it supports a 120Hz refresh rate — albeit only in 1080p or 1440p, not 4K. But if you can live with the lower resolution, this is a relatively affordable way to get a more fluid image with game consoles like the PS5 and Xbox Series X. This model uses Amazon’s Fire TV OS, so you’ll get the most out of it if you use Amazon services like Prime Video with some regularity.


The TCL S4, meanwhile, is down to $250 for a 55-inch set and $380 for a 65-inch set. Both discounts represent all-time lows. The S4 is an entry-level 4K TV, so it doesn’t offer much in the way of contrast, brightness, gaming features or HDR performance. Most people are better off paying a little bit more for the Hisense U6K. That said, maybe you just want a secondary TV for dirt cheap. In that case, the S4 should at least be serviceable. As with the TCL deal above, this version of the S4 runs on Amazon’s Fire TV interface.

Roku Streaming Stick 4K

The Roku Streaming Stick 4K is available for $37, which isn’t an amazing deal — we’ve seen it drop as low as $25 in the past — but still takes about $8 off the device’s usual street price. This is the top pick in our guide to the best media streamers, as it’s quick to load apps, it supports all the major streaming platforms and HDR standards, and it works with Apple AirPlay. Roku’s UI is blander than competing options from Google, Apple and Amazon, but it remains dead simple to navigate, and its search function does well to find shows across different apps. We also like the Roku app’s private-listening feature, which lets you listen to shows through a mobile device. Just note that we may see a better deal on Black Friday.

Roku also sells the $70 Streaming Stick 4K+, which adds an improved voice remote with a rechargeable battery, a lost remote finder, two custom shortcut buttons, and a headphone jack for private listening without the app. That model isn’t on sale as of this writing, however.

Roku Express 4K+

The Roku Express 4K+ provides the same general experience as the Streaming Stick 4K, but it can’t plug directly into your TV’s HDMI port. It also has slightly slower Wi-Fi and lacks support for Dolby Vision HDR. But it’s cheaper, and right now it’s on sale for $29. That’s a few dollars more than its all-time low but roughly $8 below its average street price. If you have a solid internet connection at home and just want to save a few bucks, it could work. For older or secondary TVs, the 1080p Roku Express is also on sale for $21.

Roku Streambar

The Roku Streambar is down to $100, which is a deal we’ve seen several times before but still falls about $15 below the device’s average street price. This is a 14-inch soundbar that doubles as a 4K media streamer. It’s a compact, 2.0-channel model, so it doesn’t sound especially clear or powerful, but it’s still an obvious upgrade over the speakers built into most TVs. If you’re on a tight budget and want to upgrade a smaller TV outside the living room, it’s worth a look. Just note that it doesn’t support Dolby Vision and HDR10+, though it does work with AirPlay 2. We gave the Streambar a review score of 86 back in 2020.

Amazon Fire TV Cube

Another hybrid-style device, the Amazon Fire TV Cube blends a 4K media streamer with a hands-free Alexa speaker. It’s back down to $110, which is $30 off and ties an all-time low. The Cube is Amazon’s most powerful Fire TV streamer, and its HDMI pass-through lets you connect a cable box or game console and integrate it with an Alexa overlay. The device also supports Wi-Fi 6E. Fire OS’ frequent ads and nudging toward Amazon services may be hard to accept on a pricier device, though. The HDMI input is also limited to 60Hz video.

Amazon Fire TV Stick

Amazon’s Fire TV Stick and Fire TV Stick Lite are on sale for $20 and $18, respectively. Neither deal is an all-time low, but both are a few bucks less than their common sale prices. You’d buy one of these dongles if you wanted to add streaming content to an older 1080p TV and frequently use Amazon services like Prime Video. They aren’t especially quick, and neither supports Dolby Vision, but they get the job done. Between the two, the standard Fire TV Stick’s remote includes app shortcuts and TV controls for volume and power, while the Lite’s remote does not. Both provide easy access to Alexa though.

The Fire TV Stick 4K is on sale too — but only the previous-generation model, not one of the refreshed 4K or 4K Max sticks Amazon unveiled in September, so we’d hold off.

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