The 7 Wonders of MLM – Steps for Your First Week in Your Home Business

Recently, I was speaking with a few of my colleagues, answering their questions about the beginning steps in their home-based businesses. As soon as we got off the phone, I did a bit of quick research and realized that there is not as much information for those of us new to Network Marketing as you would imagine. Oftentimes, many of the gurus guide and direct us toward making our first million–and beyond. And that’s wonderful. But for me, when I started, I was anxious and nervous and hoping to make my first $100 or $500 in our great industry.

The other point of view is that most of the strong companies in the MLM industry provide superb training for their new reps–and that’s true. But sometimes, it’s nice to hear the info outside of the walls of your company, so to speak–so let’s get busy.

So you’re a brand new rep. You signed up in your home business today or yesterday–or if it was a week or a month ago–then you need to pretend that today is the first day of your entreprise. Now here are the 7 Wonders of MLM. I use the word “wonders” sarcastically in the sense that there is nothing to substitute for action. But that is just the point. Many of us suffer from the “Now What” syndrome when we start. We get ready to get ready and talk to our upline and listen to calls and get pumped up. But in the back of our minds and in our hearts, we are not sure what we’re really supposed to do. So we figure if we act very enthusiastic and tell some people we know–that the business will come together. Bad News. That doesn’t work. Good News. This thing is doable. Here are those 7 wonders:

1) Write down your WHY. It stands for What Has You. Spend 10 minutes in total silence with no interruptions thinking about why you are committed to working for yourself from home despite ups, downs, criticism and discouragement from time to time.

2) Complete your company training. No matter how much you know about your product or service, do the training program. If it involves hearing 10 hour long conference calls–do it. If it involves a 10 foot binder full of product info that you’re supposed to read–then read it. The point is that we need to be coachable to be successful in this industry–so follow the training steps needed to learn the most about your product and service.

3) Pick, create, write, or copy a script. That’s right. We must use a script when we talk to prospects. Half of the reason new reps proscrastinate about talking to people is that they don’t know what to say. Half the reason that people don’t join our business is that they think they couldn’t possibly know all the info that the person on the other end of the phone is telling them–not knowing that the person to them is using a script. Use one. If you’re the master of presenting, great–but chances are that your team members won’t be.

4) Set a goal date for your first income level or pin level. For example, “I will hit Regional Sales Director on this date.” Or “I will have earned $500 in my business by or before this date.” Goals bring plans from the wish stage to the reality stage.

5) Set a schedule. Don’t roll your eyes. You need to commit to one time every day when you are going to work. It might be 6 hours a day or 90 minutes a day–but make a promise to yourself that you’ll show up. If you are consistent with your schedule, the consistency for prospecting and marketing will fall into step with your impeccable scheduling habits. When I began in my business, I committed to 12 Noon to 3 pm no matter what–Mon through Friday. These hours did not make me a millionaire because I had a big learning curve. But they did keep me interested, in the game, and making a few bucks here and there.

6) Set your table. That’s correct. Your business is a table and the legs of your table are the marketing techniques that you pick and do over time to promote your products, service, and opportunity. For example, for your four marketing strategies, you might pick: placing a small newspaper ad, putting out flyers, creating a social media campaign, and participating in a lead coop. Another rep might choose: posting free classifieds, doing small home meetings, creating and maintaining a blog, and purchasing leads. The point is that all things work–only if you do them consistently and just about daily.

7) Start a personal development program. The great Jim Rohn said “to make more you have to become more” so commit to personal development for 10 to 30 minutes a day. I keeping it simple such as reading 20 minutes of Napoleon Hill daily or listening to 30 minutes of Dani Johnson CD’s each day in the car–or something similar. I do most of my personal development work in the car driving and waiting for my son as he does his various activities.

So now we see that the wonders aren’t so wondrous–but they do work if you work at them. And in the next week or two, hopefully you’ll be referring your first of many new reps to this very article. So let’s get it started…..

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