The 10 Best Mobile App Prototyping Tools for Your App

In software development, a prototype is a fundamental working model of a product and information system. This system is built, tested and then reworked as necessary until an acceptable prototype is finally achieved from which the complete system or product can now be developed. Recently from a source I came across some of the useful prototyping tools which were tested as alternatives of PowerPoint to flash. Below are some of the app prototype builders which will help you to choose the right and best one for your app.

The future is here: There are more and more tools which allow you prototyping mobile apps. Below we will have a look at some of them, what their features are and if this tool is right for you.

1. Anxure RP Pro: Anxure comes on the top list. It is an extremely efficient UX tool that allows the designers to make very advanced and interactive prototypes quickly without even learning or having knowledge about front-end coding.

2. Justinmind Prototyper: this prototype is much similar to anxure. It is hard to say that which is better and by the pace of time these two tools keep evolving parallel to each other. These tools have certain advantages over the other.Justinmind has been build with the proposition of being a well-rounded tool for the UX- designers and allows to add sitemaps and scenarios. Another feature would be adding the datasets which include filtering, editing based on datasets.

3. Indigo Studio (Infragistics): this software is an interesting alternative if you’re working on a prototype for mobile. It carries an interface solution that makes the interface clean and easy to use which in particular means that the interaction editor, the way widgets are added to the canvas, the events timeline, user maps, journey displaying previews of the wireframes with the brief explanations.

4. Sketchflow (Expression, blend, Microsoft): this software came as an alternative of anxure. This prototype is not as flexible and effective as the designer has never been quick at making their products better.

5. iRise: This software offers an initiative platform for designers, developers and stakeholders to communicate throughout the whole product process. This goes beyond just prototyping, but it is very expensive and due to that none of the clients have ever used it. You can convert your projects into design documentation by using that tool. iRise includes a code converter too.

6. Antetype: Antetype is the first design and layout software focused on visual design, built by UI Designers for UI designers. It saves a lot of time creating and optimizing.

7. Appcooker: Appcooker streamlines app creation workflow and gets ready for production in no time. It is a prototyping tool on iPad.

8. Pixate: Pixate is ideal for ideal for prototyping complex animations or interactions for mobile apps (IOS and Android).

9. is ideal for prototyping mobile devices that include transitions and multiple states.

10. InVision: InVision is a design prototyping tool where you need to upload your designs and add hotspots to transform your static screens into interactive prototypes.


Professional prototype tools such as Axure RP Pro or Justinmind Prototyper require some time to master, but it definitely pays off. I am satisfied that every UX professional should consider mastering a tool like these. Building an interactive prototype is important to avoid big gaps between the design concepts and the final product.

The biggest pitfall when creating interactive prototypes is to end up spending too much time to implement advanced features that require workarounds. These mobile apps prototyping tools would be an effective tool to restate quickly and create design solutions that are self- explanatory, without focusing much on the tool, and without being restrained by that.

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