Tesla updates its cars with a simple but very useful function to improve its autonomy


Tesla continues to update its cars with small but tremendously useful updates. The last thing the company has carried out via software update, without the user having to do anything more than update the car, is to improve the efficiency of the car’s climate control system while optimizing the volume of charge that these suppose for the battery and the autonomy.

In this sense, the 2020.28.2 update has included a curious option that disables the fans and air conditioning vents of the passenger seat, when it detects that no one is sitting in the seat.

It is a way of optimizing air flow when only the driver is in the car to avoid excessive consumption in a function that no person will take advantage of directly.

Logically, Tesla has thought of those drivers who, regardless of whether they have a passenger as a passenger in the passenger seat, want to activate the total air conditioning of the car, that is, that the air conditioning goes out through all the vents equally.

For this, despite the fact that the function is automatic, the driver can always activate the total air conditioning through the control panel of the car , selecting the air vents that he wants to activate at all times.

As described in the update notes, it appears that Tesla is using the passenger seat pressure sensor, which detects the presence of a person, to turn that part of the demand climate on or off, which can result in a Longer life of car batteries:

“Your car will automatically deactivate the passenger’s face vents when no passengers are detected, reducing energy consumption in hot weather. This vent can be manually enabled by tapping where you want the passenger-side vent to direct air into the climate control panel. “

It is a minor but very significant change in order to give the driver more tools when it comes to controlling the air conditioning to extend the life of the battery and the kilometers of autonomy it offers.

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