Tesla Model Y lowers its price by $ 3,000 in an attempt to mitigate the drop in sales


Tesla Model Y is the last vehicle by the car manufacturer and its great commitment to increase in customers during 2020. As is well known, any plan that had at the beginning of the year has changed due to the coronavirus . Among the responses that have been made to the situation is the one just announced by Tesla: reduce the price of this car by $ 3,000 .

The Tesla Model Y is the electric SUV with which the company tries to lead the sector thanks to its 480 kilometers of autonomy , a power that takes it from 0 to 100 km / h in 3.7 seconds and a maximum speed of 241 km / h . But despite the ambitions and excellence that can be found in the car, it is clear that this is not the right year to succeed in sales .

According to Electrek , in the United States the Model Y will cost $ 49,990, 3,000 less than to date. Everything points to the fact that it is a price reduction with the aim of convincing drivers who have decided not to buy it at the moment because of the coronavirus crisis.

This is not the first vehicle for which Tesla has lowered the price and almost all cars have experienced reductions of between $ 2,000 and $ 5,000 in recent months . Here these discounts have been noticed in a slight way, although it is true that for other reasons, the Moves Plan, the Tesla Model 3 has never been as cheap as now .

All forecasts indicate that this year there will be a huge drop in the automotive sector and this vehicle that began to be sold four months ago has been forced to reduce its price by 6%. Will this discount be enough to boost sales? It seems complicated, but it is a good attempt.

In Expansión they report that the ” trend forecaster IHS Markit projected a 22% drop in the world this year ” and it seems that the objective is no longer to meet forecasts, but to mitigate that drop as much as possible,  in the absence of knowing what will happen. rest of the year, what it will take to leave the pandemic of the United States or the economic consequences that will remain. At the moment, Musk’s pressure to eliminate the quarantine is adding significant discounts.

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