‘Ted Lasso’ Stars Talk Season 3 and What Comes Next: “We Have Total Faith in Our Captain”

‘Ted Lasso’ Stars Talk Season 3 and What Comes Next: “We Have Total Faith in Our Captain”

No news yet about the fate of the Emmy-winning Apple TV+ hit Ted Lasso beyond season three, which is now filming the presumed-to-be-final chapter after star and co-creator Jason Sudeikis said in 2021 that three seasons was the original vision. Star and writer Brett Goldstein confirmed that recently by adding that the forthcoming episodes are being written as if it’s the end of the road for AFC Richmond.

So it was no surprise that at the recent FYC event in Beverly Hills, the red carpet was abuzz with the same question: Is this really the end?

Phil Dunster, who plays cocky footballer Jamie Tartt (now on a quest to become the best version of himself), offered up an analogy. “You know when you’re at a really nice party, and you’re like, if it ends, you can leave and know that it was a really wonderful party? There was a great bar, I had great chats with people, I danced like an idiot and, you know, I was so happy to be there,” Dunster said. “Nobody knows anything about season four and Apple has not told us not to say anything but if it happens, I will be very happy to go to the next party.”

Below is how the rest of Dunster’s cast mates answered the question.  

Juno Temple: “Well, I can’t answer part of that question but I can say that I hope [Keely] continues to be a light but also an open, honest human that women are also relating to because that’s something very exciting about her character. From day one, she has been someone that a lot of people may have thought would be very different so it’s a lesson that you should never judge others by our covers. You’ve got to get to know somebody. I hope that Keely finds happiness and that she finds it completely with herself.”

Brett Goldstein: “[Jason] is our captain and in terms of the future, everything is in his hands. He’s gotten us this far, you know what I mean? We just trust whatever he decides to do will be the right thing to do. I know we would all love to do this forever, but I guess at some point, we will all die.”

Kola Bokninni: “We have total faith in our captain, which is Jason. He knows what he’s doing and I just literally leave all of that to him.”

Jeremy Swift: “What will be, will be. The show is very, very rich and very fertile still so it could go in any direction. The writers are so smart and I totally appreciate the fact that if [three seasons] is what it is, that’s really cool, you know?”

Toheeb Jimoh: “I don’t know [beyond season three]. What I do know is that we’re going to be doing effectively the same things we’ve been doing for seasons one and two by just continuing to resolve a lot of the character journeys. Especially for Sam, we’re going to see a lot more of what his motivations are in his relationships with his family. Stuff is coming [with the restaurant]. He does open it and he does set it up. There’s an interesting story about what happens there. I feel like it’s really important because that restaurant becomes his way of laying down roots in London. He is Nigerian but he is now in London and that is his home. What happens to the restaurant feels significant to his story as an immigrant. I don’t want to say too much more. I don’t want to get sued.”

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