‘Street Food: Latin America’, the Netflix documentary series that shows us the beauty of food and the delight of stories

Several original Netflix documentaries have become must-have titles. One of them is undoubtedly Street Food , a series created by David Gelb and Brian McGinn , dedicated to street delicacies from different cities around the world. In the first season, Asian foods and cooks were explored; in the recent installment it was Latin America’s turn.

Street Food: Latin America is one of the premieres of Netflix for this month of July that is ending. Also for August 2020 , the platform is already preparing interesting launches. The creators of this series have set a very high mark with their two seasons. In addition to the “Asia” and “Latin America” ​​segmentation, each chapter deals with a particular city. In the first season they visited 9 different cities: Bangkok, Osaka, Delhi, among others, and presented the story of dozens of cooks.

In the new season of Street Food: Latin America , the cities that we will meet are: Buenos Aires, Argentina; Salvador, Brazil; Oaxaca, Mexico; Lima Peru; Bogotá, Colombia and La Paz, Bolivia . Each program will captivate us with the various “street” foods, the most colorful traditions and the saddest and most beautiful cookery stories. All at the same time.

Greater Latin America

To think of Asia as a great extension whose countries are “similar” is as wrong is as wrong as doing it with “Latin America”. While it is true that the language gives that familiarity, it is also true that this great territory is multicultural and vast in every way. So, in the Netflix documentary Street Food: Latin America , we can take a look at the differences of various vibrant and beautiful cities from different parts of the continent . In this second season we will also learn devastating and endearing stories.

One of the most beautiful things in this series is that it gives vital to the orality of cooks . To their most intimate stories, to their most painful struggles and to the paths that led them to dedicate themselves to selling food on the street. A simple and necessary activity in each of the cities, and in itself of the populations of the world.

Both in the first season of Asia and this one in Latin America, Street Food gives voice to many women . This is because they tell us how they found their vocation, their destiny, but also their only way to get ahead in a hostile world with women in street food. So, in addition to hunger, Street Food: Latin America reaches our hearts with the testimonies of the cooks.

‘Street Food: Latin America’ and the best dish

After the premiere of the series on Netflix, the platform used its networks to carry out a ” championship ” of Latin American street food. The winners were the tlayudas from Oaxaca, Mexico , who participated in the final with the Peruvian ceviche. Not easy. Beyond this, the most important thing is to enjoy the series offered by Netflix and, if possible, ever take that route of the flavor proposed by the filmmakers.

So, this Netflix title awaits us to enjoy the cultural, social and gastronomic richness of Latin America . There is no doubt that this is a series of the highest quality, with beautiful photography and impeccable production. Each of the chapters has its own style; In addition, several directors participate, so we have a lot of plurality even in the way we approach the wonderful stories that each of the five chapters that make up Street Food: Latin America brings us .

Do not miss this documentary series. Both Street Food: Asia and Street Food: Latin America are now available to all Netflix subscribers .

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