Standard PPE and Safety Features in a Perfume Company

Every company has a set of guidelines to ensure the safety of their employees. Personal Protective Equipment, commonly known as PPE, is essential. Everybody needs to comply to this as nothing is more important than your safety.

In this article, we will specifically discuss the PPE and Safety Features in a perfume company.

Body/skin protection

Lab gowns protect your clothing and skin from chemical spills and dirt. As perfumes are made of a variety of chemicals, it is essential that a Lab coat is worn during the activity. Another variation of a lab coat is a fire-retardant one. There are also disposable gowns that are purely for one-time use only. This is to ensure that no biohazards will be transmitted outside the facility. Also, it is recommended to wear long pants underneath the lab gowns.

Eye protection

Safety glasses is a must to wear. This serves as the only protection for your eyes and should be taken seriously. Any chemical spill that may hit your eye could cause severe pain or worse, blindness. Unfortunately, a lot of people do not follow this simple rule which caused them to lose their eyesight.

Hand protection

When handling chemicals, make sure that you protect your hands. Use safety gloves all the time. There are different kinds of safety gloves depending on the chemicals to be used. Always check for tears and never use broken or worn-out gloves.

Foot Protection

Always wear closed shoes inside the premises. Shoe covers are usually available as they prevent contamination as you go in and out the facility.

Head Protection

Bouffant caps are used to protect the head and also used for hygienic purposes.

Safety Showers

Safety showers are also required in manufacturing companies that deal with chemicals to prevent possible contaminations outside and inside the work premises. This also helps in keeping workers safe from too much exposure from chemicals. Doing so keeps them free from possible diseases, allergies, and sickness that may be caused by prolonged exposure or inhalation of chemicals.

Safety Features

As they are closely working with chemicals and substances that are potential fire hazards, fire preventive measures are closely implemented in these areas. Fire extinguishers are strategically placed to ensure easy access in case of emergencies. In addition, materials used for these facilities are usually less combustible. Regular fire drills and first aid trainings are performed to make sure all employees are well-equipped with the knowledge they need in case of emergencies.

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