Spotify does not work: a bug affects iPhone around the world


If you are trying to play music and Spotify does not work on your iPhone , it is not a matter of your Internet connection or a failure in your personal account. The platform is experiencing problems around the world, as well as other apps for iOS.

Specifically, apart from Spotify, applications such as Tinder or TikTok are also experiencing malfunctions. But what is going on? In all cases, users report that they have difficulties opening the app and logging in , as we can see in the different reports offered by the Downdetector portal . 

In the specific case of the music app, as you can see below on the following map, European users are the most affected by the Spotify problem. In Spain, fewer problems are being registered than in Belgium, the Netherlands or the United Kingdom, but the volume of reports is lower, users are also experiencing difficulties.

Specifically, in our country the cities that are experiencing the most problems with the streaming music service at the moment are Madrid, Barcelona and Seville .

The errors in Spotify have started from 12:30 pm (Spanish peninsular time), and the difficulties to access and to music remain until now. According to user reports, the main problems registered are that the application cannot be accessed, that it closes as soon as it is opened or that it does not play the songs.

The platform itself has alerted that it was experiencing problems through its official Twitter account at around 1:00 p.m., signaling that it was going to what was happening. At the moment it has not provided more information, so we will have to wait to know what is happening and when service will be restored normally.

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