Sony Ericsson W880i Black – Music, Videos, And More

Sony Ericsson w880i black is a walkman phone from Sony Ericsson. One can use the handset to listen to some scintillating sound – even when one is on the move. The novelty factor of the handset increases significantly as it comes within a super sophisticated profile. The sleek and stylish frame blends perfectly with the black coloured casing – forming a perfect back drop to the highly innovative features and functionalities.

And more importantly, the Sony Ericsson w880i is 3G (third generation) capable. High speed Internet access is possible with the Sony Ericsson w880i black – a fact that enhances the popularity of this mobile phone model among busy professionals and globe trotting executives – who have to get a lot of work done within the 24 hours that they have at their disposal.

The multimedia capabilities of the Sony w880i black are equally amazing. This mobile phone model comes with excellent music features – a fact that has been mentioned above. A walkman player is in-built within the handset. One can use the integrated music player to play music files in quite a number of different formats – the AAC, eAAC, AAC+ and WMA are some of these formats. With Music DJ melody composer, Play Now ring tones, Track ID software and Mega Bass options, the Sony Ericsson w880i Black ensures that there is never a dull moment.

Another interesting feature of the Sony w880i black is the integrated camera with 2.5x digital zoom. One could use the imaging options of the handset to capture images. One could even add special effects to selected images to make them all the more interesting and attractive. In addition, capabilities for video recording, video playing and video streaming make the Sony Ericsson w880i black a ‘must-have’ for many people.

Sony Ericsson w880i black has all that it takes to attract users. Great looks, innovative features, a multitude of user-friendly options – the handset does not disappoint users in all these different areas. One can use the handset for communicating with loved ones, accessing the Internet, listening to music, capturing images and video clips and quite a bit more.

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