Sonakshi Sinha Says ‘Ab Bas’ to Trolls With Full Stop To Cyber-Bullying Campaign

Sonakshi Sinha

Cyberbullying is a serious issue and is one of the biggest reasons for breeding negativity on social media. Unfortunately, not just regular folks but celebrities too have to deal with immense bullying on social media. Recently, Sonakshi Sinha who farewell to Twitter to avoid all the negativity casued by the nepotism debate online. The actress recently took part in India Today’s E Mind Rocks 2020 and spoke about mental health. During this event, the actress revealed, “Ever since I have left Twitter, I have been happier (laughs). It is surprising and how these things can bog you down without you even realising it.”

Taking to Instagram, the actress said “Ab Bas” to cyberbullying as she shared a video where she took a stand against trolls who spread negativity on social media. She wrote, “It’s time to stop the pandemic that’s plaguing our online world- Cyber Bullying and harassment. Full Stop To Cyber Bullying is a campaign by Mission Josh, where I have teamed up with Special IGP Mr Pratap Dighavkar with an aim to create awareness and educate people about online harassment, trolls, impact on mental health of victims who have faced trolling.Ab bas, NO more online harassment!”

Sonakshi also spke about how she’s a positive person but how negative comments on social media affect her. During the India Today event, she said, “I have always been a very positive person but then you never know how something can affect you. You wake up in the morning, open your handle and read a negative comment. At that moment you might just put it away but then it later comes out like you might snap at someone at work, or home.” Well, we certainly hope more people join Sonakshi’s campaign against cyber bullying given that it is the need of the hour.

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