So you can watch Netflix series faster on your mobile

So you can watch Netflix series faster on your mobile

Netflix has been testing a new feature for months that has sparked love and hate in equal measure. The streaming platform will allow its subscribers to speed up or slow down the series and movies, the news has not gone down well with everyone

This function is found in other online content platforms such as YouTube. In the settings we find the possibility that the video in question plays at speeds of 0.5x, 0.75x, 1x, 1.25x and 1.5x, that is, faster or slower

The producers and some subscribers have complained about the measure, consider this adjustment spoils the quality of the content they have created . However, it can be in various situations and it is still an option that each subscriber can take personally. 

The Verge , for example, has spoken with the National Association of the Deaf and the National of the Blind , which ensure that this adjustment allows them to more comfortably view the content. This way they can watch the subtitles slower and read more comfortably or for blind people to listen to the audio of the series a little faster. 

Other users could take advantage of this new functionality to learn languages . Some series or movies have very fast dialogues for non- people to understand and slowing down helps them better understand a phrase. 

We are always experimenting with new ways to help members use Netflix,a company said in a statement . ” This test allows you to vary the speed at which people watch programs on their mobiles. As with any test, it may not become a permanent feature on Netflix .”

It will be as simple as going to settings and changing languages ​​while watching the movie or a chapter in a series. Despite the criticism, the company continues with the tests and the update will come first to the web version and the application for iOS and Android, so you only need to update the application on your mobile. It seems like it will take longer to get to the app for smart TVs. 

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