Simple Water Business Requiring No NAFDAC, That Beats Pure Water Business Hands Down

It is really necessary for business people to always keep their eyes open for business opportunities. This even becomes more imperative for business consultants like me. So when I was doing the final burial rites of my mom, I walked with my two eyes open for business opportunities.

Somewhere on my site, I have dealt with the business opportunities, but I thought I should treat this separately for the serious profit potential it possesses and the versatility of the idea. It will work almost everywhere and for a long time.

So welcome to the water business that beats pure water hands down even as do not need NAFDAC approval.

Have ever noticed people fetching water with 50-liter cans and distributing to places. They will hang them on their shoulders or push with cart at times. These guys make money the hard way though. If you sell a can for N50, you will gross N1000 from 20 cans. Now, imagine how much money this business will bring if this is scaled up.

I am writing this from experience. I spent N7500 to fetch water during my mom’s burial and it was just damned easy money for them. I nearly hit myself for not telling my readers about this idea earlier and I have been watching this for years.

This must be the source of the Yoruba saying that water sellers will never do so without profit.

This business is about fetching water for people, only that will not be using your back or cart. It will cost you some money to start, but this you will defray within a short time.

What Do Need?

1. need a vehicle and it does not have to be a new one. You can get a used 6 wheeler or old Volvo car and reconstruct the back. You must have seen the type they use to ferry wood. Get a vehicle, you need one. When you grow the business, you can buy a tanker.

2. If cannot afford a driver, do the driving. If you are starting big, get a tanker and a corporate driver. He must dress well.

3. need a water pump to and offload. This goes for about 15k.

4. You need containers like tanks, 50-liters Kegs, and drums. You may rent them out to party people on a daily basis. A 2000 liter tank is N1000 overnight. If they rent this out 11 times, they have recouped the money as the tank sells for around 11k. I tell you this business is next to stealing.

Where Do You Get Your Water From?

It depends on many factors.

1. If you have rivers or brooks around you, you can go fetch from there for free.

2. You may buy from water corporations and borehole owners.

3. You can sink your own borehole if you have the space and money.

I am sorry, a well will not bring enough water to sustain this business. So do not go and sink a well for this.

Your Market.

There are many places to sell, depending on where you stay and situations. There are days you service corporate events people and those throwing parties. If water does not run in an area, go in and make the kill. Walk with your ears and eyes wide open. Be close to the ground.

Generally, these are your main targets.

· sellers. (Canteens)

· Yes, small and medium hotels do have water problems.

· Hospitals.

· Building sites.

· Hospitals.

· People throwing parties.

· Individuals where they have water problems and they are many.

· Car wash.

Advantages Over Pure Water Business

  1. You do not need too much capital to start.
  2. No NAFDAC approval is necessary.
  3. You do not need a permanent place.
  4. You may not even have an office, but it is more professional to have one.
  5. Fewer points of sales, but high sales volume. If you drop 2000 liters, that is N2000.
  6. Does not require a fleet of vehicles. A tanker can fetch more money than 3 pure water vehicles.
  7. You need fewer workers.

You can start this business with a shoe-string budget. You will get a used Volvo car for 50k. Use another 50k to reconstruct the back to accommodate the drums to prevent them from falling off. With 100k, you can start this business in your vicinity.

A serious guy will ride a jeep within a short period of time with this business and you know a lot of people.This will transform to a big asset for you.

Warning. The water must be clean. You may not have the NAFDAC people running after you, remember the sanitary inspectors are there. In any case, a true business man must not sell a bad product. So get clean water.

Go and start. No NAFDAC or regulatory body to run after you. It is water, you can never fail.

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