Sikandar Kher Doesn’t Think Twice Before Pushing His Boundaries Whenever He Gets a Meaty Role!

Dukaan: Sikandar Kher Starts Prepping for His Next Film Based on the Concept of Surrogacy

Actor Sikandar Kher, who essayed the role of Daulat in the OTT series Aarya, doesn’t shy away from pushing his boundaries whenever he gets a meaty role. He understands that certain characters are written keeping particular actors in mind but those actors the part, they go to the next best lot and that’s where such actors step in as performers. Dukaan: Sikandar Kher Starts Prepping for His Next Film Based on the Concept of Surrogacy.

Elaborating on the same, Sikandar says, “I feel that characters and roles are written with certain artists in mind. Most of the time, the team isn’t able to bring the ideal actor (according to them) on-board for their projects, but others still work out and manage to impress the audiences quite well – that’s where we, as performers, step in.

He mentions that he is always up for challenges and to surprise himself and the director with his craft, “ it comes to pushing myself in front of directors that I’d want to work with, I don’t think twice. I am always hungry for being a part of that resonates with me and the audiences and well, and I am more than ready to go an extra mile to achieve these roles/characters through their directors.” Sikandar Kher: OTT Has Definitely Led to Democratisation of Our Film Industry.

As a mantra, he feels that this should be an approach that every actor applies to get work in this industry. “Well, chasing excellence requires one to constantly present themselves with challenges,” he says. Meanwhile on the work front, Sikandar Kher will next be seen playing a Gujarati shopkeeper in his next film, titled Dukaan. The film is being directed by the duo Singh and Garima Wahl.

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