Short Comparison: Ubersmith VS WHMCS Billing System


Ubersmith – pricing is not openly available on their website however a quick query would release various pricing schemes based on the amount of “devices” you intend on using along with the amount of clients you expect to actively provide services to. Prices range from anywhere in the $150 range upwards and climbs pretty especially with the amount of devices you expect to manage together.

WHMCS – pricing is openly available on their website with flexible payment plans ranging from $15.95 monthly for a branded license all the way to $324.95 one time for a Unbranded license. WHMCS does not restrict the license holder by number of clients vs devices but instead limits you using the Branded and Unbranded terminology.


Ubersmith – this company is best known for their automation of tasks to allow for easy management of various devices and or services various hosts may want to offer. These include (but surely not limited to) handling and issuing of dedicated IP address, Cloud services integration with the infamous OnApp billing module and ease of deployment / startup and shutdown. Even the management of client accounts are seamless in the backend with various billing tools and payment gateways to handle just about any client request. One key feature is the Bandwidth Billing module which allows you to automatically monitor, track and bill for any bandwidth overages incurred by your client.

WHMCS – they have made some major improvements as it relates to automation in the past few years. They also have an active developers community vigorously releases various modules to extend WHMCS’s functionality from time to time. WHMCS has automated functionality when it relates to Cpanel / WHM servers from shared hosting all the way up to VPS systems. They are now getting their feet wet as it relates to integrating Cloud Servers and management of Dedicated Servers which is why I did not mention those as features.


Ubersmith – the client area within Ubersmith billing system is very intuitive. You simply know what you have to do in there from paying bills or locating your active “instances” it’s just easy. The look of it could be improved since the design seems dated, but this is a minor issue especially since Ubersmith just works.

WHMCS – while using this client area, you will need a bit of instructions especially if you need to upgrade your services with your provider. There are too many hoops you have to jump through for a simple upgrade. Paying bills however is easy. Any outstanding bills are listed as soon as you are logged in together with open support tickets you may have as well


Ubersmith or WHMCS web host billing system? That’s like comparing Apples to Grapes in this industry. They both have vastly different business models which in turn targets different markets. Ubersmith is more geared towards larger hosts or Datacenters need to manage various devices in different datacenters who an entire datacenter altogether while WHMCS is more geared towards the startups, or business to client model who aims at having a pleasant look and feel to their business. Ubersmith almost always a Skilled Ubersmith Developer knows the ins and outs of the system to get you quality order forms to integrate with your business while WHMCS works right out of the box for ordinary users. One other point to note is small time hosts may opt for WHMCS based on price while larger datacenters may choose Ubersmith because of ease of automating tasks and managing devices. Which one would I recommend? Anyone which suits your business model and client base because each host is different and requires different tools to function at optimum performance

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