Shaun Smith 700 in a Day Online Income Work From Home Review

It is over a month now since I started the £700 a day Smith online income course. I certainly am not making £700 a day yet but I can certainly see the potential to do just that. Having had a few ups and downs with the course I am finally finding some results coming through. I have to admit that my doubts got the better of me at some stages and this effected my actions – meaning the more uncertain I was of the plan the less I seemed to do!!

However I have persevered with the concepts of the course and am now finding the results are coming through. With the internet the results are slow in coming especially when the main growth of the business idea is totally organic i.e. you do not pay for advertising and there are no other costs involved.

Smith presents a number of free ideas to promote your own blog or website channel and shows you how to create these sites for free. I have created a few of these and am seeing income growing from my sites. It is fairly small at the moment – I have made £12 from Google AdSense but it is growing exponentially. Last week my income through AdSense was the same as the whole of last month. I have also made £13.50 from an affiliate sale. This may not sound like much but is quite inspiring to me as I have simply created a few sites and posted some links.

I am sure that results depend, of course, on action and this tends to deteriorate when the doubt creeps in. Having reviewed the course material, however, after having seen results, I can definitely say the course has inspired me and given me the necessary know how to move forward and trust that the income will keep growing IF I keep working at it.

I think with any online income course there is a tendency to assume that just by purchasing the course you will make money! I have never found this to be the case though!!! There are things to do with this course and you must keep doing them to grow your income. The thing that inspires me though is the potential that this system has to make money online.

I know within a year my income will have grown using this system. Who can say that of their own job or income? Ultimately your income depends on you. I would rather this than placing my confidence in an employer given the state of the economy at the moment.

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