Scam 1992 Actor Pratik Gandhi: It Was Tough to Not Be Judgmental of a Person Like Harshad Mehta

Scam 1992 Actor Pratik Gandhi: It Was Tough to Not Be Judgmental of a Person Like Harshad Mehta

Sony LIV web-series, Scam 1992, not only put the relatively unpopular streaming service on the map but also made an overnight star of actor Pratik Gandhi. He played the lead role of Harshad Mehta, who was infamous for one of the biggest scams of India. “It was tough to not be judgmental of a person like Harshad Mehta,” Pratik said in an interview with The Telegraph. “But that’s where the training of an actor comes into play. My job is to create that character and present him to the audience. If even one per cent of judgment creeps in, then the whole performance will be affected.” Scam 1992: Writing Dialogues for the Show Was That There Are Over 300 Speaking Characters, Says Screenwriter.

Harshad Mehta was part of  1992 Indian securities scam and was engaged in stock manipulation. He was on trial for nine years before his death in 2001. He was convicted in only four counts out of the 27 charges levelled at him.

Pratik added that emotionally the script was so well written and layered that it seemed like it was served on a plate to him. “The body transformation was, of course, tough. I gained around 18kg for this part. The moment I gained that weight, my breathing pattern changed and that resulted in changing the way I cough, snort, walk… I got a double chin. That made it easier for me to get into the skin of this man, because quite literally, it was a different skin,” he added. SCAM 1992: The Harshad Mehta Story Is Currently #1 Show In The World With 9.6 IMDb Rating; Hansal Mehta Show Dethrones Breaking Bad and Chernobyl to Take the Top Spot.

Scam 1992 is the brainchild of filmmaker Hansal Mehta. Pratik said, “I knew that it would turn out to be a very good show and while making it, Hansal sir (Mehta) had told me that it’s going to change the lives of a lot of people. I always knew that this would be a show that I would be proud to be a part of,”

Pratik has added that he is looking a lot of offers now. Finally, the film industry has taken note of a good actor. ” I am looking at consistency in my choices now and creating repeat value as far as my work is concerned. There is the excitement to explore more. I can’t come across a fluke,” the actor added.

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