Sandwich Forever Review: Kunaal Roy Kapur And Zakir Hussain Are The Only Funny Guys In This Boring Family Comedy (LatestLY Exclusive)

Sandwich Forever Review: Kunaal Roy Kapur And Zakir Hussain Are The Only Funny Guys In This Boring Family Comedy (LatestLY Exclusive)

Sameer (Kunal Roy Kapur) and Naina (Ahana Kumra) get married with the blessings of the parents from both sides. However, while Naina’s father, DK (Atul Kulkarni) almost forces them to get a flat just next to theirs, Sameer’s parents, played by Zakir Hussain and Divya Seth Shah, move to Mumbai to stay next door to the kids. Not a pleasant set-up for the newly married couple as the two sets of parents continue to interfere in their lives every now and then.

The writers Devang Kakad, Bharti Kukreti, Pankaj Sudheer Mishra do a swell job in presenting the idiosyncrasies of the characters. DK is an ex-army man with a habit of snooping around, Manjari’s wrong fortune predictions, Shastriji’s obsession with plants, Sameer’s carelessness and much more. All of them add a different colour to the story. In the later episodes, the jokes or the jibes do get a bit funnier which will earn a few chuckles here and there. But what stands out is the set-up. It has been such a long while since we have watched such a presentation where everything is happening on the set. It’s more like a live audience kind of set-up. So it did remind us of the good times of television.

However, it ends there. While the characters have good moments here and there, they don’t come together to make it a great comedy. The biggest tragedy of this series is that the first two episodes are a drag. Nothing makes you laugh and that could be detrimental for the show. The series gets slightly better in the later episodes but it will be difficult for the viewers to keep the faith. Also, Zakir Hussain’s character takes so much time to become actually funny. And by the time, you do start investing in him, the series ends. Atul Kulkarni Feels COVID-19 Pandemic Will Enhance Disparity, Impact Economy and Education

There are few lines that were written perhaps to make people laugh but they sounded offensive. The one where DK says that all the unemployed youth of the country says work from home to sound cool. It sounds a bit insensitive to make such a jibe at a time when so many people are losing jobs every day. Taking a leeway in the garb of comedy needs to be done smartly and not carelessly. All of a sudden there is an NRC jibe which only landed well because Hussain said it. Otherwise, it would seem like an afterthought.

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It’s a pity that Kunal Roy Kapur doesn’t get more funny roles. He is such a natural. The only person who keeps you going on in the initial episodes is him. Zakir Hussain’s character, like I mentioned before, goes through a gestation period to become comical. Fortunately, since it’s Hussain when he finally gets the good one-liners, he becomes the star of the series. Lubna Salim is really pleasing to watch while Divya Seth is fascinating. But the biggest misfit is Atul Kulkarni. His jokes aren’t landing, he looks lost at a few instances and he seems a little too young to be the father of a grown-up girl who is married.


-Great actors

-Kunaal Roy Kapur, Zakir Hussain


-unfunny gags

-dragging first two episodes

-Neglectful treatment of Shastri’s character

Final thoughts

Sandwich Forever does give you the feel of the amazing family comedies we grew up with but it fails to match up to the same level. Sandwich Forever is streaming on SonyLIV.

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