Samsung’s $30 Galaxy SmartTag 2 arrives on October 11 with an all-new design

Samsung has unveiled the SmartTag 2, an AirTag-like tracking device that’s a successor to the original SmartTag released in 2021. Unlike the original, which had both Bluetooth and ultra-wideband (UWB) variants, the new version will combine both features in a single model. The primary drawback is that it still only works with Samsung smartphones.

The new model sports an all-new ring-shaped design, with metal on the inside of the ring for durability, rather than just having a punch-hole as before. That lets it work better with accessories like clips and keyrings, or attach to bags and luggage. It’s now IP67 dust and water resistant as well, letting you do things like track pets outside.

Samsung Galaxy SmartTags 2


The SmartTag 2 has a new longer-lasting battery as well, with a 700 day range when in Power Saving Mode, or 500 days in Normal Mode — a 50 percent improvement over the last model. Another new feature is the Lost Mode, that lets users input contact information via a message, so that anyone who discovers an itemn with a SmartTag 2 can scan the tag and see the owner’s message and contact information.

As before, the idea is to attach them to important belongings like keys, wallets and suitcases, letting you track them from close range via Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) or across the world via UWB. The company’s augmented reality (AR) tech can visually guide you toward the item via the Samsung Galaxy smartphone camera. The SmartTag 2 can also control smart home appliances via the SmartThings app.

The downside to the SmartTag 2 is that it only works with Samsung devices for now, so you’d be relying not only on a Galaxy phone for tracking, but also for the worldwide tracking network. Google’s Find My Device network has yet to go live, in part because Google delayed it with personal security in mind as it waits for Apple’s proposed spec. Both companies plan to release a specification for unwanted tracking alerts, both iOS and Android, by the end of 2023.

It’s unclear if Samsung’s devices will support that spec as well — so you may want to wait a bit before jumping in. The SmartTag 2 launches globally on October 11 for $30 in black or white options.

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