Samsung X830: Slim, Stylish Music Phone

From slim and slider phone to advanced technology 3G phones, has again come up with something new. The latest launch of the music phone, the X830 is a unique swing-open phone that perfectly combines mobile and music functions together. When closed, it works like a MP3 player with a horizontal display of playlist, equalizer settings and song information. Swing the phone and you are ready to get communication experience. The handset users who prefer style and portability.

The handset is very attractive, slim and narrow and measures only 84x30x19.9mm. The lightweight phone (75g) easily slips into the pocket. The phone does not compromise with its slim and compressed dimension for its multimedia applications. With click wheel navigation, users can control music functions with ease. The X830 comes with 1GB of built-in memory which can accommodate up to 250 songs easily.

With connectivity ease, users can manage large data volumes. The music library in your phone organizes music according to the album name, song title and artist genre. With USB 2.0 and Bluetooth, its now easy to connect and share documents with any other compatible devices. Users can also enjoy music without using a wire with Bluetooth stereo headset.

In addition to music features, the X830 comes with other entertainment features including a 1.3 mega-pixel camera with video recording mode in MPEG4 and H263 format; messaging, MP3 ringtones and embedded plus downloadable games. Moreover, the mini music phone comes in six attractive colours, which is black, pure white, oasis blue, candy pink, orange and lemon green – play your music and enjoy.

As far as mobile connectivity is concerned, the X830 phone is equipped with latest technologies including Bluetooth, EDGE, USB and GPRS – enjoy mobile internet on the or connect and share data with ease. The tri-band handset lets you stay connected whenever and wherever you go.

This mini music phone is really nice for those who love music and style.

Have a look at Samsung X830.

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