Salary Trends in X-Ray Technologist Positions

An exciting field that is rapidly advancing is the career area of x-ray technology. X-ray technology and similar fields, such as imaging, general, is an important component of the health care area.

The mean salary in 2012 for x-ray technologist who specialize in mammography, for example, was $62,000 per year. This compares with other specialized areas, such as radiology, who mean salary was $77,000 per year, and urgent care radiology, whose average pay was $107,000 per year in some cities.

Starting salaries for x-ray technicians can average $32,000 per year which compares to the starting salary of a medical assistant, whose mean starting salary is $23,000 per year. The lower starting salaries quickly rise as one gains experience in a particular field, or from a starting location to a place where the need is greater.

Salaries tend to be higher in the northeastern United States, in states such as Massachusetts and Connecticut. The salaries in the mid-west are average, and the salaries in California are current averaging lower than they are in other states. This is probably due to the larger number of available workers in California as compared with other states.

Due to the currently high employment rate in all fields, the salary trend for x-ray technicians has decreased over the past two years. This decrease is reflective on the overall downward pressure on salaries and the to maintain programs in tough economic times. It can also be viewed as the best time to start thinking about entering this field. Downward pressure on salaries can have a shaking out on workers. Those who have to leave the career area to seek higher paying opportunities, leaves a void in the particular field that they are leaving.

It is likely that this high demand for x-ray technicians will bring a surprisingly high rebound in salaries in the coming years. High demand and low supply are already key factors in determining this fact. When one looks ahead to an increase in the overall economic condition of the country, then the pressure becomes even higher that an increase in salaries will be taking place in the near future.

Technology is also moving ahead at a fast pace. This increase puts a high demand on the training necessary for workers who wish to enter this field. New devices are becoming available, and more testing is becoming normal as insurance companies want to keep their under control. More testing involves a higher need for workers in the x-ray technology field to perform and analyze the tests.

The recent trend in x-ray technician salaries is down. This is mainly a reflection on the overall condition of the national economy. The likely scenario is that the trend will reverse and the supply and demand factors will come to bear on the current and future salary trends.

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