Residual Cash Blaster Review – Can a One-Time $7 Investment Become a Viable Home Business?

Coach, speaker and trainer Lynette Artin has come from a background of over 20 years experience in the MLM industry, with the help of several key leaders the idea of Residual cash was born.

Their stated goal is to teach people how to earn a lucrative residual income using the residual cash as an avenue to get there.

It’s a claim that litters the internet and has caused financial and emotional grief to a lot of would be internet marketeers, so the proof of whether this will succeed or not will come over the next few months as the dust settles

The official launch of Residual Cash has now taken place after going through the teething stages in the Beta launch, things have changed and developed along the way to the plan that is now in place.

The product on offer here in theory appears to be exactly what every internet marketer needs, an education in marketing and also providing the tools that are needed by way of Auto-responders, Capture pages, video/audio chat, lead generation tools, business and expense etc. This is called the RCB University. The product is drip fed by progressing through four phases, with each phase offering further education as well as higher income as one passes through the qualifying process of each stage.

The program is designed for both the novice and experienced internet marketer and by advancing the complexity of the training through various qualifying stages avoids the information overload that most beginners face coming into this industry. The nature of the program means that they does not fully disclose the quality or extent of the training that will be made available so one has to have an element of trust that what will be delivered will be of adequate quality and usefulness. I suppose this may well become a secondary issue if people are making money out of the program but we will have to wait and see what is delivered by way of quality of tools and training.

Turning to the money side of the program what is is unique platform in that there are two matrices within the compensation plan.

The first being a 2×2 cycling matrix which requires a $7.00 input, this is basically a feeder matrix for the 2×4 residual matrix.

There is a continuous re-entry into the residual matrix via the feeder 2×2 cycling matrix. Once the 2×2 matrix is full with others paying their $7 to join.there is a theoretical earning of $27 although no one actually gets paid this $27 $20 component goes into the 2×4 residual matrix and the $7 residual goes back into a fresh 2×2 cycling matrix.

The major appeal with this system is that there is a one-time $7 investment, which is a low input for an education as well as a potential lucrative return. The program does have a spillover component to it, but the reality is that if anyone wants to make a substantial income work is required to constantly bring new people into the system.

The whole basis of what the developer has created is the concept of funding the business through profit and not from the pocket. there is a forced upgrade to the next stage built in and if you fail to do that then your position will be taken over by someone who does, which ensures that the system does not get bogged down by complacency.

Whilst the 2×2 cycling matrix has a constant flow of new people coming in to system, the 2×4 matrix has a total of 30 people in it which stays constant through the four stages which has the bonus of not having to recruit new people into the residual matrix.

In conclusion, the idea of a feeder cycling matrix leading into a larger residual matrix has not been seen before to my knowledge, it seems like a concept that should work. The good thing about Residual Cash is that the low $7.00 one-time investment makes it an extremely low risk opportunity. I would not look on this is the solution to financial freedom, and feel this should be seen as an adjunct to other viable and proven strategies, the education aspect is worth pursuing and $7 gets you an extremely good value education in online marketing.

There is a lot more information available at the link below and if you decide to join I would strongly advise to go there so that you can make a more informed decision one way or another.

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