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Need a reference letter sample? The one below is for a sales manager looking for a job with another company after his division was eliminated during a reorganization. However, you can easily it to other positions.

This reference letter sample reflects that the employee’s company will find a position for him in another division. However, the employee wants to continue working in sales. So, he applies for a position with another company with a glowing reference letter from his former employer.

Here is the sample reference letter.

Name of Recipient
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Dear Mr. Smith:

This letter is written on behalf of John Dell. John worked for XYZ Company for five years as a Sales Manager. During that Time I supervised him and can personally attest to his energetic work ethic and prolific productivity.

Unfortunately, due to recent economic factors, we reorganized the company and eliminated the division that John worked in. And although we are willing to place him in another division he prefers to continue along his career path in marketing and sales…and it is for this reason that I am writing you.

I highly recommend John for the Sales Manager position that you are currently advertising and think that he will be as much of an asset to your company as he was to ours. John is a dedicated worker who always gives 100% effort.

He is attentive to small details that can make or break deals, has excellent interpersonal skills and is a gifted speaker. He has pretty good writing skills, too. If given an opportunity I think that you would soon realize how uniquely gifted he is on many levels and how he raises the bar for those working with and around him.

Finally, and in closing, I can be reached at 333-333-3333 should you have any questions or concerns about John’s ability to perform as a Sales Manager, or in related positions with your company.

Your Name

Summarily, if you need a sample reference letter to use as a template to write your own feel free to copy and use this one. You can look a long time before finding another one as good as this one.

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