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Welcome to watch the 2021 IIHF World Championship Live Stream Online, it is taking place at Daudzfunkcionālā halle “Arēna Rīga”from 21 May to 6 June 2021. It was originally to be co-hosted by Minsk, Belarus and Riga, Latvia, as the IIHF announced on 19 May 2017. On 2 February 2021 the IIHF voted to confirm Latvia as the sole host for the 2021 IIHF Ice Hockey World Championship

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After the 2020 tournament was canceled because of the COVID-19 pandemic, the IIHF Men’s World Championship is back in 2021(21 May- 6June). There are 16 participants in the tournaments where host country is Latvia and cohost Belarus. The participants countries are Canada, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Great Britain, Italy, Kazakhstan, Norway, ROC1, Slovakia, Sweden, Switzerland and United States.

The 2021 IIHF World Championship At A Glance

Date: 21 May- 6 June, 2021.

Time: 8.00 Am – 1.15 PM

Teams: 16 ( Prelimenary Round)

Group: Two

Venue: Riga and Latvia.

TV channel (U.S.): NHL Network

Live steam (Canada): FuboTV, Sling TV

TV channel (Canada): TSN

Live stream (Canada):

Watch: Live Stream Online

Stream: Via VPN From Anywhere( Trial Free- 30days)

2021 Men’s World Championship Group

In the 2021 IIHF World Championship there are two groups  each group 8 Participants

Group A               Group B

ROC                       Canada

Sweden               Finland

Czech Republic United States

Switzerland        Germany

Slovakia                Latvia

Denmark             Norway

Belarus                 Italy

Great Britain      Kazakhstan

When is Canada vs. ?

There will be a Battle of North America in this tournament as the teams are in the same group. The both teams will meet Sunday, May 23, at 1:15 p.m. ET.

The Full schedule for the 2021 Men’s World Championship

Participating 16 teams are each guaranteed seven group-stage games. Whcih eams get advance to the final day of competition (bronze-medal or -medal game) will play 10 contests total.

Date Teams TimeTV Networks/Stream
FRIDAY, MAY 21Russia vs Czech Republic9:15 a.mTSN1, NHLN
 Germany vs Italy9:15 a.m.TSN2
 Belarus vs Slovakia1:15 App
 Canada vs Latvia1:15 p.m.TSN1/3, NHLN
SATURDAY, MAY 22Denmark vs. Sweden5:15 a.m.TSN1, NHLN
            Norway vs. Germany5:15 a.m.TSN3
 Great Britain vs. Russia9:15 a.m.TSN1
 Finland vs. USA9:15 a.m.TSN3, NHLN
 Czech Republic vs. Switzerland1:15 p.m.TSN1, NHLN
 Latvia vs. Kazakhstan1:15 p.m.TSN3
SUNDAY, MAY 23Great Britain vs. Slovakia5:15 a.m.SN4, NHLN
 Norway vs. Italy5:15 a.mTSN1
 Sweden vs. Belarus9:15 a.mTSN1
 Kazakhstan vs. Finland9:15 a.mTSN2
 Denmark vs. Switzerland1:15 p.mTSN2
 Canada vs. USA1:15 p.mTSN1/3, NHLN
MONDAY, MAY 24Slovakia vs. Russia9:15 a.m.TSN1/4
 Latvia vs. Italy9:15 a.m.TSN3
 Czech Republic vs. Belarus1:15 p.m.TSN2
 Germany vs. Canada1:15 p.m.TSN1/3/4
TUESDAY, MAY 25Great Britain vs. Denmark9:15 a.m.TSN3
 USA vs. Kazakhstan9:15 a.m.TSN1/4, NHLN
 Switzerland vs. Sweden1:15 p.m.TSN1/4
 Finland vs. Norway1:15 p.m.TSN3
WEDNESDAY, MAY 26Russia vs. Denmark9:15 a.m.TSN1/4
 Kazakhstan vs. Germany9:15 a.m.TSN3
 Belarus vs. Great Britain1:15 p.mTSN2
 Canada vs. Norway1:15 p.m.TSN1/3/4
THURSDAY, MAY 27Switzerland vs. Slovakia9:15 a.m.TSN1
 USA vs. Latvia9:15 a.m.TSN4, NHLN
 Sweden vs. Czech Republic1:15 p.m.TSN1/4
 Finland vs. Italy1:15 p.m.TSN3
FRIDAY, MAY 28Sweden vs. Great Britain9:15 a.m.TSN1/4
 Kazakhstan vs. Canada9:15 a.m.TSN3
 Denmark vs. Belarus1:15 p.m.TSN1
 Latvia vs. Norway1:15 a.m.TSN3
SATURDAY, MAY 29Czech Republic vs. Great Britain5:15 a.m.TSN1/4
 Italy vs. Kazakhstan5:15 a.m.TSN3
 Switzerland vs. Russia9:15 a.m.TSN1/4
 Norway vs. USA9:15 a.m.TSN3, NHLN
 Slovakia vs. Denmark1:15 p.m.TSN1
 Germany vs. Finland1:15 p.m.TSN3
SUNDAY, MAY 30Belarus vs. Switzerland9:15 App
 Italy vs. Canada9:15 a.m.TSN1/4
 Sweden vs. Slovakia1:15 p.m.TSN1
 Finland vs. Latvia1:15 p.m.TSN3
MONDAY, MAY 31Czech Republic vs. Denmark9:15 a.m.TSN1
 USA vs. Germany9:15 a.m.TSN4, NHLN
 Russia vs. Sweden1:15 p.m.TSN4
 Norway vs. Kazakhstan1:15 p.m.TSN5
TUESDAY, JUNE 1Switzerland vs. Great Britain5:15 a.mTSN2
 Canada vs. Finland5:15 a.m.TSN1/4
 Slovakia vs. Czech Republic9:15 a.m.TSN1
 Italy vs. USA9:15 a.m.TSN4, NHLN
 Russia vs. Belarus1:15 p.m.TSN1
 Germany vs. Latvia1:15 p.m.TSN4
THURSDAY, JUNE 3Quarterfinal9:15 a.m.TSN3
 Quarterfinal9:15 a.m.TSN4
 Quarterfinal1:15 p.m.TSN3
 Quarterfinal1:15 p.m.TSN4
SATURDAY, JUNE 5Semifinal7:15 a.m.TSN1/5
 Semifinal11:15 a.m.TSN1/5
SUNDAY, JUNE 6Bronze medal8:15 a.m.TSN4/5
 Gold medal1:15 p.m.TSN4/5

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2021 Men’s World Championship standings

Official Broadcasters for IIHF World Championship

Of course, bringing to you the official broadcasters of IIHF event, these are the most traditional ways of watching the hockey event.

We have jotted down the most important broadcaster names along with country names so that you won’t find any issue, whatsoever.

Belarus: Belarus TV
Croatia: Arena Sport
Bosnia & Herzegovina: Arena Sport
Czech Republic: AMC Sport 1
Hungary: AMC Sport 1
Ireland: Premier Sports
Kazakhstan: Qazsport
Kosovo: Arena Sport
Lithuania: LRT
Montenegro: Arena Sport
North Macedonia: Arena Sport
Poland: TVP
Serbia: Arena Sport
Slovakia: AMC Sport 1
Slovenia: RTV Slovenia & Sport TV
United Kingdom: Premier Sports

Results and Scorecard

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