Quick guide to upload your first TikTok video in 3 steps

TikTok has managed to be the fashion app where you can upload videos, photos and audios. Alone or in a duet with someone who is miles away. And it is that this social network allows you to get the artist out of you. In addition, its operation is very similar to Instagram , so it will not be very difficult for you to catch up with TikTok .

To start, you can record videos instantly, publish them directly or save them for later, make videos, keep them public or private … You can even record a video without holding the record button, as it happened before, if you need your hands free for the video .

But let’s go by parts. Next we will see how easy it is to upload your first video to TikTok. In three steps nothing more. Of course, first of all you will need to register as a user to publish your own videos on TikTok.

Click on the More button

As in Instagram , to publish your videos on TikTok you will have to press the More button, located in the lower central part of the screen. When you click on that button you can do two things: record a new video or choose one that you have available on your Android or iPhone. The first time, you may need to give TikTok permission to access your camera and microphone .

There are three types of videos you can post on TikTok: 60-second videos, 15-second videos, and a medley of photos. You have up to 19 different combinations depending on the number of photos you want to upload and the style you want to give to the presentation.

The simplest way to record a video is to press the record button. The progress bar will tell you what is being recorded and how much is left to use up the chosen time (15 or 60 seconds). When you’re done, you can do two things: start over or validate the video.

The second option is to click Upload and choose a video that you previously recorded. You will see the video and you can apply effects such as speeding up or slowing down and / or rotating the image.

Record, edit and publish

Whichever option you choose, in the editing window you will have the possibility to choose a soundtrack, speed up or slow down playback, include text or stickers, apply photo filters or touch up the volume.

Third step. The last TikTok window before uploading videos to this social network is very similar to the last Instagram posting window . Specifically, you can describe your video, add tags, tag friends, if the video will be public or private, allow comments and / or duets, etc. You can even send the same video to your other social networks, such as WhatsApp, Instagram or Facebook.

You will only have to choose Publish or, to publish it another day, Drafts .

As you can see, the process is simple. Although the thing can be complicated in case you want to make more elaborate videos. For example, before recording a video you can touch the Effects button to dress up or add elements of augmented reality. They are very funny.

You can also choose a soundtrack before recording, apply all kinds of filters, etc. But this gives for another article.

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