Program for TrueBlue Rewards on JetBlue

We make it as simple as possible to redeem points for award travel, regardless of whether you’re a fan of JetBlue, a frequent flier, or even a less frequent flyer.

Flying earns you points.

Earning TrueBlue points is quick. When you fly with JetBlue and certain partner airlines, as well as locally, by making frequent purchases, you can accrue points. Even your dogs can earn points on JetBlue flights.

Acquiring Trueblue Points

Earn points wherever you go. You may earn even more points when you make a trip reservation with JetBlue Vacations and Paisly. You can even accrue points without ever leaving your home, thanks to our partners in retail, dining, shopping, and credit cards.

Transform your points into trips.

Hate having to log so many miles to be eligible for an award ticket? We concur. Because of this, the amount of points needed to book a trip is determined by the current price for that route rather than an absurdly low pre-set minimum.

Various ways to use TrueBlue points

Use money and points. Are you not having enough cash or topics for that trip? Almost any mix of funds and issues can be used to start paying for your flight with as few as 500 TrueBlue points. Choose TrueBlue topics from the booker when looking for your next getaway to design your payment arrangement.

Exchange of points.

Now use Cash + Points. To earn incentive flights, you don’t have to be a Jet(Blue)setter. Point sharing allows up to seven friends and family members to combine their points and obtain rewards more rapidly. Keep an eye on the additional issues as they come in. For achieving milestones each year, you’ll receive more TrueBlue points through our Pick 3, Jackpot 7, and Go Big rewards.

Gain more advantages and points.

You receive extra points and rewards to enhance your JetBlue experience when you reach Mosaic level, the highest honour in loyalty.

Get 80,000 bonus points. What follows?

You will receive 80,000 bonus points after making $1,000 in purchases and paying the annual fee during the first 90 days.

Stipulations For Trueblue.

All TrueBlue members will receive three (3) points for every dollar spent on any individual flight provided by JetBlue, except Blue Basic tickets, where members only receive one (1) point for every dollar spent.

Except for Blue Basic tickets, where members only receive one point for every dollar spent, direct bookings of certain JetBlue-operated flights on allow members to earn an additional three bonus points each minute a $1 is spend. On, customers who have purchased can receive an additional three bonus points, for a total of six points, on top of their regular points. Members who have paid for a Blue, Blue Plus, Blue, or Mint fare on a flight will only earn points for the base fare. Points cannot be made on government taxes, fees, or other costs (such as travel insurance, change/cancellation fees, etc.).

Online Booking, Followed By Reserving A New Flight.

Only TrueBlue members have access to the Cash + Points redemption option during the online booking process, allowing users to pay for JetBlue-operated flights with cash and TrueBlue points. Reservations for more than one city are not accepted. Members of TrueBlue must be logged into their TrueBlue account on to use Cash + Points. Reservations made with Cash + Points cannot be modified. Members may cancel the unflew segment(s) on their reservation online and rebook new flight(s) at the then-applicable fare, subject to availability.

How much are JetBlue miles worth?

For JetBlue redemption values, the cash cost of a flight is fixed. (Photo credit: Robert Nickelsberg/Getty Images)

Unlike most airline incentive programs, the JetBlue TrueBlue program is revenue-based. The value of your points is therefore fixed at the ticket cost in cash. Sadly, you can’t utilize them to get a great deal on expensive flights. However, if the cash price is fair, you won’t feel offended by outrageous award booking fees.

How many JetBlue points do I need to expend for this to make sense?

JetBlue frequent flyers should have little trouble paying the yearly fee on their cobranded credit card. The picture was created by Daniel Slim/AFP/Getty Images.

Surprisingly, the 10% discount may be obtained with relatively few TrueBlue points, making the annual fee reasonable. To receive the 10% discount and pay the yearly fee, you must redeem slightly more than 76,000 points per year, valued at 1.3 cents each.

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