Problem With New Battery in Sony Vaio Laptop

If you have a Sony Vaio laptop and tried to replace the battery with a non-genuine, you may pass to display a window with this warning:

The battery can not be connected to your computer or may not be compatible with it.
Click “OK” to enter Hibernate mode, remove and reinsert the battery.
See the User Guide VAIO (R) e for more information on using the battery.

This is very uncomfortable, and if you click “OK”, the laptop goes to hibernate mode. Moreover, there is the option to close the message and it is on other programs, even if you click a program in the background the message will again dominate your screen in a few seconds.

However, if this happened to you, do not worry. Although the Sony Vaio laptops have software that checks if the battery is original or not, you can disable it by the following procedure:

Closing the window warning
– Right-click on the Toolbar and select Start Task Manager (or shortcuts Ctrl Shift Esc or Ctrl Shift Del depends on the operating system);
– Click the tab;
– Find the ISBMgr.exe process and click End Process.

There, the window with the message disappears and you can normally use your notebook. However, the warning comes every time you restart the laptop again. To disable it, you definitely need to the procedure below.

Disabling autorun ISBMgr.exe
– Access the Start Menu, Run;
– Type msconfig and press ok;
– Select the Startup tab;
– Find and uncheck the ISB Utility and press OK to exit (you can restart your computer now or later, no matter).

Done! The program is disabled and you can now use it with a new generic battery without having to pay the price of 1 / 2 notebook for her!

Taking the hint, you can use this setting to disable Startup programs which are programs that run in the background when windows starts. Some programs seem to be faster in this way, however, they are occupying the memory, the most common one is to disable the Acrobat.

Even though it is now possible to use non-original battery in your notebook, check before you buy! Always use battery which is compatible with the model of your laptop computer. I am not responsible for any physical, personal, psychological or emotional that could occur due to misuse of the battery or the laptop itself, just gave a tip that worked for me, using this procedure is at your own risk!

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