Pride Month 2022: Jinyoung-Ji Sung in Devil Judge, Ahn Hyo Seop-Kim Min Gue in Business Proposal- 5 Kdrama Bromance-Ships That Should’ve Sailed Into Romance

Pride Month 2022: Jinyoung-Ji Sung in Devil Judge, Ahn Hyo Seop-Kim Min Gue in Business Proposal- 5 Kdrama Bromance-Ships That Should've Sailed Into Romance

June is celebrated as Pride Month. You must heard about several processions and fests being done in several countries where members of the LGBTQIA+ community show their love to the world. It is also a great time to watch a few of the movies that celebrate their love and make everyone understand love is bigger than any gender. Koreans have also been producing some really amazing gay love stories for a few years now. Our biases are of course Semantic Error, To My Star, You Make Me Dance and more. But today we would talk about the pairings who could have been just sensational in a BL (Boy Love) series. From Portrait of a Lady on Fire to Moonlight, 5 Recent LGBTQ+ Movies That Deserve Special Praise.

Before we begin, we would like to clear here that this is our wishlist. We shipped these male-male actors in Korean dramas and hoped to see them in a BL series. There’s nothing more to that!

1. Devil Judge – Ji Sung and Jinyoung

Ji Sung and Jinyoung’s equation can’t be called bromance or rather we refused to call it so! The chemistry is explosive with Sung being the dominant partner. There are several conversations in the series where Sung and Jinyoung’s close proximity forces you to run your imaginations wild. It would have been such a blockbuster BL!

2. All Of Us Are Dead – Yoon Chan Young and Lomon

Yoon Chan Young and Lomon had a great bickering friendship in this zombie series. But we fans just couldn’t get over the way Lomon looks at Chan Young. That scene where they are trying to escape is just so exciting. The series has been renewed, do you think it will be cruel for us to expect a reunion of the two and then some more?

3. Chief Kim – Namkoong Min and Lee Jun-ho

We wouldn’t have shipped this couple if they hadn’t banded together to right the wrong. The way they get on each other’s nerves was enough for us to not have those thoughts. A very chaotic and slightly toxic relationship between the two…this is of Manga variety, we tell you!

4. Ghost Doctor – Rain and Kim Bum

We are sure many wouldn’t agree to this pairing as they debated and had too many bickering sessions. But why can’t we look at it as what happened in Just Like Heaven? Ghost Doctor can also be re-imagined in the same context. Bum and Rain were just too adorable together even when they were annoying each other. Not convinced? Even Rain voices similar feelings!

5. Business Proposal – Ahn Hyo Seop-Kim Min Gue

The scene which made us them was when Tae-moo’s (Ahn Hyo Seop) grandfather asks the duo Tae Moo and Cha Sung-hoon (Kim Min Gue) if they are dating! None of them looked uncomfortable at the thought. In fact, Hyo Seop felt offended when Kim Min Gue said the former is not his type. So much promise…just imaging a very chaotic relationship between to prim and proper boys who know each other since long. Sigh! From Business Proposal to You’re Beautiful, 5 Accidental Kisses In KDramas That Are Plain Absurd! (Watch Videos).

It’s just so upsetting that none of these ships will ever materialise. We tried manifesting, people!

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