Portable Digital Photo Display Ed04d – Does it Even Work?

Portable digital photo display Ed04d is a great electronic device that you could use to show off your most memorable photos. The size is relatively small and the construction is so compact that this is very convenient to take anywhere you go. With a portable digital photo display Ed04d, placing your pictures on display has become trouble-free and inexpensive.

Technological innovations have really taken in so many possible applications that the invention of digital photo frames has become another one of its prime examples. These devices have conveniently removed the hassles that we usually encounter when transferring our photos on computers or laptops. There are so many brands, sizes, designs, and features of digital photo frames today that you’ll definitely have a lot to choose from – perhaps like a portable digital photo display Ed04d.

The first thing that you’ll like about the Ed04d is its compact and small frame design. This measures 5-inches in height and 3-inches in width. So, you can only imagine the different limited spaces this device can fit into. You can bring this virtually everywhere, like at your office, where you can place it on top of your table.

This product doesn’t only show pictures, but it also tells you the time and temperature in bold text. In that way, you don’t need to constantly switch your attention from the wall clock to the digital photo frame. And Ed04d is not even that hard to setup and assemble – anyone can do it.

The Ed04d digital photo frame supports a wide selection of image file formats (e.g. JPEG, BMP, GIF, TIF, and PNG). It also displays photos by either on standby or slideshow (changes every 10 seconds) modes. It has a Universal Serial Bus (USB) connection port that you can use to connect to your desktop or laptop. But since the LCD screen is small, the onscreen photos might appear somewhat grainy in resolution.

Despite that drawback, Ed04d is still an ideal giveaway or gift for intimate gatherings or occasions, such as wedding showers or birthdays. You can also send this as a gift to your loved ones, who are far away, so they can recall all your moments together anywhere and anytime they want.

There are currently different online stores that offer this device – Amazon.com and Overstock.com are just a few of them. The price is pretty cheap, $20 to $25, so you can’t really expect that this would have all the high-tech features that you would normally see on more expensive and sophisticated digital photo frames.

If you consider the relatively low price, this portable device is pretty much a bargain already. The features are not exactly top of the line, but it does deliver its intended function. Overall, a portable digital photo display Ed04d is recommended if you’re really not looking for jam-packed multimedia features.

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