Polar bears could go extinct before the end of this century due to climate change


A recent study predicts the extinction of polar bears as a consequence of climate change , a date that could be very close on the calendar since it could happen before we reach the year 2100.

The consequences of climate change are innumerable, but one of them is the disappearance of the poles and with it thousands of species, including polar bears, one of the icons of the fight against climate change. In a recent study, scientists have examined 13 of the polar bear subpopulations that themselves represent 80% of the total population of these animals, calculating the energy requirements they require to determine how they could survive while fasting.

One of the study’s conclusions  is that polar bears will end up starving to death , according to a series of projections from the climate change model, if current warming continue. In this way, if things continue as they are now, polar bears will disappear for decades to come.

The prolonged fasting period would make the polar bear move as little as possible to retain its remaining energy, but the fact that sea ice is becoming increasingly scarce due to global warming would cause more problems by requiring additional energy expenditure. that would further affect their survival .

Even if the emission of greenhouse gases peaks in 2040 and then begins to decline, that would not prevent many polar bear species from disappearing at the end of the present century.

It should be clarified that due to the circumstances of the Arctic and its disposition on Earth, we are talking about one of the where global warming is twice as fast as the of the planet and it is predicted, according to the study, that polar bears in 12 of the 13 subpopulations analyzed will be practically extinct species within 80 years.

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