Paul McCartney Birthday Special: Did You Know the Beatle Was Jailed in 1960? 5 Interesting Facts About the Singer You Didn’t Know

Paul McCartney Birthday Special: Did You Know the Beatle Was Jailed in 1960? 5 Interesting Facts About the Singer You Didn’t Know

The voice of a generation, Paul McCartney is one of those singers that will just make you fall in love with music. A member of The Beatles band, McCartney is one of the most influential and iconic singers of all time. From “Yesterday” to “Blackbird” his songs have been so influential and still played to this date. Truly one of the all-time greats, McCartney’s impact on the music industry can always be left. The Beatles Icon Paul McCartney’s Bass Guitar Sells for Record-Breaking $496,000.

While McCartney was known for his melodic approach to songs while still being able to play around in the of rock n’roll, classical and pop, he has lived quite the interesting life as well. From being jailed in the ‘1960s for a very silly crime to being an honorary NYPD Detective, there are a lot of interesting facts about the famed Beatle. So, to celebrate Paul McCartney’s 80th birthday, let’s take a look at five of the most interesting facts about him. Taylor Swift Breaks The Beatles’s 54 Years Chart Record After Smashing Three UK No1 Albums in 9 Months.

Paul McCartney is a NYPD Detective

Yes, you heard it right. So better not jaywalk in front of Mr McCartney as you will be fined. But jokes aside, McCartney witnessed the 9/11 attacks from an airplane, and was deeply affected by it. He would then throw a charity concert and be made an honorary detective for the NYPD.

Paul McCartney’s First Instrument Was a Trumpet

Would you believe that? Everyone hoping for his first instrument to be a guitar are definitely in shambles right now. McCartney received a trumpet from his father as a birthday gift. However, he would trade it in and get a guitar.

Paul McCartney is an Advocate of Animal Rights

Paul McCartney has stated that he is a vegetarian. He is also a huge advocate of animal rights and has done a lot of work to ensure animal safety. For example, he took part in campaigns to makes sure that seal culling could be eliminated.

Paul McCartney is a Painter

The Beatle is very much an accomplished painter too. McCartney reportedly has over 70 of his paintings being exhibited at the Walker Art Gallery. The gallery resides in Liverpool, which is his hometown as well.

Paul McCartney Was Jailed in 1960

While this sounds like McCartney might have committed some huge cardinal sin, that’s really not the case. When The Beatles were in German, they were asked to leave the country after complaints from the locals. Packing in a dark room, McCartney and his bandmate Pete Best, lit a condom on fire to get some light. They were then accused of trying to burn down the building and were sent to jail.

Well, after learning about these, McCartney surely had quite the interesting early life. With this we finish off the list and wish Paul McCartney a very happy birthday.

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