Ophthalmology – A Visionary Choice in Higher Education

Lasik surgery helps people with eye glasses improve their lifestyle. The field of study is in great demand as it allows people to give up their embarrassing eyeglasses and contact lenses. A Lasik surgeon corrects vision and has fantastic job opportunities at home and abroad. The highly reputable hospitals in the Middle Eastern countries offer excellent career progression with salaries of upto $250,000 per annum.

To become a Lasik surgeon, students need to enter medical school after 3 years of college. There are more than 145 medical schools in the United States where students can pursue education to become a Lasik eye surgeon.

Lasik Surgeons Study Ophthalmology

If you have not yet decided on your career path consider entering a medical school and study ophthalmology so you can have a rewarding career. Help people correct their vision and live a prosperous life. Students need to graduate from an accredited institution for licensure and certification purposes. To enter medical school applicants have to be very competitive. They are required to submit transcripts, Medical College Admission Test scores and letters of recommendation. The applicant’s character, personality, leadership skills, and participation in extracurricular activities are all considered during evaluation. They are also required to appear for an interview with the admissions committee.

The first 2 years of medical school studies focus on laboratory experiments and classroom studies. Students study courses such as biochemistry, physiology, anatomy, pharmacology, microbiology, pathology and psychology. For the last 2 years students learn by working with physicians. They learn diagnosis and treatment under supervision of physicians. Next, they enter an internship and gain more hands-on-experience.

Epi Lasik is Popular

Epi Lasik surgical procedure is very popular as it is both affordable and painless. The demand in the market for such procedures is very high, thus creating a shortage of Lasik surgeons in both United States and abroad. Lasik surgeons also perform Epi Lasik procedures for patients who can be easily hit in the eye such as soldiers, boxers and footballers. Epi Lasik surgeons use a plastic blade instead of a finer blade. This helps reduce the pain while surgeons also use newer medication strategies to reduce it. In patients who have inadequate corneal thickness for Lasik or dry eyes the Epi lasik procedure works best.

All medical students have to have an inborn desire to help people who need care. They have to be self motivated and be able to survive the pressures of practice. They also have to be good decision makers with a good insight.

Most people these days consider having Lasik surgery so they can start seeing the world clearly without eye glasses or contacts. The Lasik surgeons shoot cool laser beams to reshape the cornea and correct the errors that are causing poor eyesight. Surprisingly, the procedure only takes 15 minutes for both eyes! Most patients are able to return back to work within a day or two.

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