Ooma Hub Vs Telo: Should I Buy Ooma Hub Or Buy Ooma Telo?

What Is VOIP?

Before you can go into a good comparison analysis of Ooma Hub vs Telo, you must first understand what these two products are. Both the Hub and Telo from Ooma are Voice over nternet Protocol (VoIP) telephone systems. Unlike the traditional telephone system, VoIP phones use the internet to transmit your voice signal.

VoIP phones are increasing becoming popular – not only because they have the potential to help you save cost but also the broadband technology currently available is able to support its use to give consumers the high level of service they are expecting.

What is Ooma Hub and Ooma Telo?

Ooma Hub is essentially the older of the two products. It was first introduced into the market sometime around 2007. At that time, Ooma differentiated the hub from its competitors by requiring their customers to pay for the Ooma hub up-front and then using it without having to pay any monthly charges or sign any term contract.

As with almost all technology products, newer models are introduced to take advantage of newer technologies over time and the Ooma Telo was introduced around October 2009 as a replacement for the Hub. What this means is that the manufacturer is slowing phasing out existing inventories of the Hub. As such, do not expect any new firmware upgrades except for break fixes.

Both Ooma models compared here share some same function and features and shall not go into that as you can find out more on those from the links at the end of this article. However, what I would like to focus here are the differences when we look at Ooma Hub vs Telo.

Ooma Hub vs Telo – What are the differences between the two?

When we compare Ooma Hub vs Telo, here are some of the differences:

Flexibility to integrate a landline:

Hub: Yes Telo: No

Online Phonebook:

Hub: No Telo: Yes

Ooma HD Voice Ready:

Hub: No Telo: Yes

Supports Ooma Telo Handsets:

Hub: No Telo: Yes

USB port for future expansion:

Hub: No Telo: Yes

Regulatory Recovery Fee (RRF) or Taxes:

Hub: Required (except for Ooma Core which is a Hub and Scout combination package) Telo: Required

Incoming DTMF:

Hub: No Telo: Yes

New Telo facilities that Hub does not have:

Bluetooth (Premier) Google Voice Extensions (Premier)

When evaluating Ooma Hub vs Telo to decide on which product to buy, there are stronger reasons to buy Ooma Telo rather than buy Ooma Hub. This is because when you compare Ooma Hub vs Telo, you will find that even though both have some similar core capabilities, Ooma Telo has more features that will help you increase productivity and save money in the long run. The Telo also has the latest hardware while the hub is being slowly phased out. The upfront price of the Hub is more expensive than the Telo as well.

hope that you will find the Ooma Telo review helpful for you to make a decision to buy Ooma Telo or Hub.

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