Online casino bonuses explained

Anyone who is familiar with the online casino industry is doubtless aware of the rise of different kinds of bonus and welcome offers that are available to gamblers. For the uninitiated, however, the world of online casino bonuses and offers can be confusing and even overwhelming at times. 

This article will briefly explain why casino bonuses exist, the different types you will find, and how to choose the best online casino bonus for a particular taste. 

The importance of research 

When it comes to casino bonuses, there is nothing as important as research. As there are so many online casinos available, many people can get bogged down in scrolling through offers and resort to choosing whatever is first presented to them – however, this is often a mistake, as not all bonuses are created equal. Gamblers who want to find the best casino deals will need to do their due diligence by reading reviews, taking the time to understand what the bonus terms and conditions actually mean, and checking out the competition’s offering. 

Understanding the terms and conditions is especially important because many of the terms may seem strange or confusing at first. It is very important to understand what wagering requirements and maximum bets are and to also get a sense of what an industry standard is and what seems unusual. 

The rise of the online casino industry

The online casino industry has been around for nearly 30 years but it was only in the last eight years or so that it started to become more popular, and in the last three years it has really taken off. The popularity of online gambling now shows no signs of slowing down and is projected to continue growing for the foreseeable future

With online gambling suddenly so popular, it is hardly surprising that hundreds of online casinos have sprung up, seemingly out of thin air, to meet this new demand. There are now many different online casinos available around the world, all of which offer slightly different gambling experiences. 

Online casinos and betting platforms started offering bonuses as a way to attract new and prospective gamblers to their platform. As the industry is incredibly competitive, every little bit of marketing helps and many small and mid-sized online casinos are looking to do anything and everything possible to gain even a slight competitive advantage. 

Different types of bonuses 

The online gambling industry is so competitive that there are a number of different types of bonuses offered to gamblers. The most commonly seen bonuses are: 

Welcome bonus 

Casino welcome bonuses are by far the most common bonuses offered. Welcome bonuses are bonuses offered to players who have never registered with the platform before. They typically involve a percentage match for deposits, along with other freebies such as free spins. Sometimes, they require a promo code but some platforms automatically grant welcome bonuses when someone registers. 

Weekly and monthly competitions 

Many of the better online casinos offer regular promotions such as weekly and monthly competitions. These competitions typically include those gamblers who win the most money competing against one another for a prize at the end of the allotted time period. 

The competitions are a way to keep registered gamblers engaged and interested in the platform. Some of the smaller casinos only offer welcome bonuses but this is arguably short-sighted, as many gamblers will quickly become bored without additional offers and promotions available. 

VIP programs 

While technically not bonuses, VIP programs often operate in much the same way. VIP programs are essentially membership plans for players who play enough to hit certain benchmarks. These programs are often tiered so that the gamblers who play the most reach the highest tiers of the program. 

As with all loyalty programs both in the gambling industry and in other industries, members get certain offers and perks as a way to retain loyal customers and maintain interest in the platform. These VIP perks tend to be special bonuses, personalized help, birthday presents and access to special lotteries and games that other, non-VIP players do not have access to. 

Personal preferences

When it comes down to it, however, personal preferences will always carry the day when it comes to online casino bonuses. Free spins on slot machine games will mean nothing to some people and be a total deal clincher to others. 

What this suggests is that to be a successful online casino, there should be a range of different bonuses and offers available from which players can choose.

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