Nothing Just Happens: Agreeing With The Fullness of Time

In this world, nothing just happens. Whenever it is the fullness of time things happen, and nothing stops them from happening. The fullness of time is God’s appointed time. If it is not yet time, no matter what you do to bring it to pass, it will not take place.

The world today is in a hurry. There are instances of people trying to fast-forward the plan of for their lives, even when it is not yet time for them to manifest. God has plans for each and every one of us, but the problem of getting it quicker than expected has led so many people into the great beyond. So many mistakes are made and people die as a result. People look for money not because they want to solve some pressing problems, but because according to them, it is their turn to be rich. Being rich is not bad, what is bad is trying to be when it is not yet time.

has a set time for everyone of us. When we know the mind of God concerning our lives, things work better. It is the desire of every man or woman to be rich, build mansions, feel comfortable, and be liberated from the unwarranted embarrassments that go with poverty. Notwithstanding, the mind of God should be sought on every matter. The question we should ask ourselves each time we desire a thing is this: Is it God’s will at this period or do I have to wait for another time?

As a Pastor, so many people have called on me requesting prayers so that will speed up action in addressing their needs. There are times that I see God answering them without delay, and at other times they need to wait. Those who cared to listen waited, and are blessed, whereas those who are not familiar with words of instruction, received their requests on the other side of God’s will. My work, just like every other minister of God, is to do the will of God, not to do the opposite. When God says it is not yet time, there is nothing anyone can do on it. We should learn some facts about God, that His delay is not denial. The Bible says that He knows ALL our needs and will give us our heart’s desire at the appropriate time. He is not a man that changes His words, but performs all that He promises.

The problem majority of the people today have is that whenever they hear the testimonies of God’s doing in other people’s lives; they quickly believe that it MUST work for them exactly the same way it worked for others. treats each of us in different ways, and because our problems are not the same, the solution may not also be the same. When in the family of Abraham the trouble was to have a child who will progress and retain the family name, so many things took place. Abraham had to take the advice of his wife Sarah to help God fulfill the mandate upon their life. The whole thing looked like God was in a fix, and so human effort was needed to help Him out. That single act by Abraham and his wife Sarah, turned out to be a great mistake, which generations are suffering today.

However, when it was God’s time to visit Abraham and his family, their long wait turned out to be a blessing. Till today, it is credited to Abraham as one that walked with in faith. There are stories of so many other people who suffered like Abraham, but through their patience and faith in God, the Lord blessed them immensely. God always wants to make history through the long wait of that which we experience in life. Elizabeth and Hannah, who were called barren by the people, turned out to be great figures in the society because God took time to prepare and package their gifts for them. Each of them gave birth to a child that was great and mighty – the desire of every family.

Apart from the issue of child-bearing, so many unmarried people, especially ladies, are becoming worried because according to them, has forsaken them. They have actually reached the age they are supposed to get married; they have prayed and fasted, yet nothing happened. Those who are “lucky” to have suitors are forced by circumstances to hook up to people that are not actually meant for them. Everybody is looking for something better, conducive and fair. People are interested not only in getting married, but in keeping a decent home. This has heightened the rush into getting a choice partner – one already prepared by God in heaven for them. While some take it by force by luring certain well-to-do young men into getting them pregnant so that wedding bells will consequently ring, not so many of them are lucky. Some are made to go through hell, others suffer reject and disgrace, yet without getting fulfilled. Those who succeed in this way still have a long battle to fight in their homes because they did not marry as they should – as a result of true love.

In the wake of all these crisis, it is right to state clearly here that all events in history have been fitted into God’s time table (Ecclesiastes 9:11-12; Genesis 15:13-15), and so, every life begins with a seed principle – whatsoever you sow is what you reap (Galatians 6:7; Exodus 12:41). When the Bible tells us that God’s blessings make us rich and add no sorrows with it, it is actually telling us that one can become rich through his own way by acquiring what is not really his. The resultant effect of this kind of riches is sorrow (sickness and diseases). Hebrews 10:36 says that it is good to be patient, because any man who is not patient is incurring the wrath of for himself. Waiting patiently for your time in life is rewarding, because the fullness of every time comes with God’s glory.

You may be ridiculed, and that has made you hate yourself. You have even been pushed to the point of hearkening to the voices within, which constantly remind you that has failed you. It will interest you to know that God made you very important and that you are here on earth to fulfill a purpose (Habakkuk 2:3; Romans 8:28). It is because of your importance that people are leaving their businesses; their problems, and getting concerned about you. If you are not important, people will not discuss you. When they gossip you, they do nothing more than advertising you, and at the appointed time – at the fullness of time – they will know who you are.

Beloved, patience pays. When you expect your wife to give birth to her child prematurely, you first of all should consider that premature birth is not good enough. The lives of both people – mother and child – are in danger. When you expect your miracle to come prematurely, you should equally know that the consequences may be enormous. My prayer for you is that nothing will stop your miracle when the appointed time comes. However, you must always try to be your self – do not imitate the person next door. Competitive jealousy is a dangerous act that needs to be rooted out of your life. When you are treated as yourself, or who created you to be, you will certainly glorify God as yourself. I have seen people who hide under the cover of other people’s success and brag about it when indeed God gave them something to do for Him. It is not strange to see people today driving their father’s cars and make noise about it, when in the real sense, they have not been able to find their feet. The world needs to know who you are, not who your father is. Knowing yourself and finding your feet, is to be a child of God. If you are not in Christ, you are truly on the wrong track.

The Bible says that there is now no condemnation for them that are in Christ Jesus, because at the fullness of time always comes with His glory and proves to them that He is God (Galatians 4:1-7). Are you in Christ, or are you weighed down by problems while trying to walk the paths alone? God cares. He still remains “the God of appointed time”, and He is calling on you today!

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