‘Nope’, Akshay Kumar’s Rowdy Rathore Did Not Inspire Better Call Saul’ Dialogue, Clarifies Peter Gould

'Nope', Akshay Kumar's Rowdy Rathore Did Not Inspire Better Call Saul' Dialogue, Clarifies Peter Gould

Ladies and gentleman, if you had an iota of doubt if Akshay Kumar’s Rowdy Rathore by any degree inspired a line in hit TV series, Better Call Saul, here is something that will set the record straight. Rowdy Rathore is, what they say, masala Bollywood entertainer, that released in 2012. Better Call Saul is a critically acclaimed, Golden Globe award-winning spin-off to Breaking Bad. On paper, there seems no Venn diagram that would give us anything common between the two projects. Chrissy Teigen Binge-Watches Better Call Saul, Reveals Her Favorite Character From the Show.

But, a popular publication in India speculated that a line from the TV show might have been inspired by the Akshay-starrer. A Twitter used shared the article and tagged Better Call Saul director, Peter Gould, and writer asking if Rowdy Rathore did indeed inspire the line in his show. “Nope!” Gould replied in a jiffy. He should certainly give out full points for imagination, we feel.

The scene in question is when Jimmy in the series is watching his own ad on TV. “Now in your golden years you need someone looking out for you, someone you can trust,” he says in the ad. “A man who says what he does and does what he says.”

Whereas the dialogue in the Bollywood film goes, “Jo main bolta hoon woh main karta hu, aur jo main nahi bolta woh main definitely karta hoon”. It is not even the same sentiment that’s being delivered by the two dialogues. One’s a warning, while the other is a word of trust. Akshay Kumar’s Rowdy Rathore 2 in Works but You Should Not Be Too Excited – Here Is Why.

Check Out Peter Gould’s Reaction Here:

Well, this is not the only time when an Indian channel has been called out by a foreign filmmaker. A few days ago, right after winning the Emmy for Schitt’s Creek, Dany Levy had called out Comedy Central India. The channel’s Twitter handle had published a clop from the show, but also edited out the gay kiss from the footage. It did not sit well with the actor, who has also written for the show.

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