Nikamma Movie Review: Abhimanyu Dassani and Shilpa Shetty Can’t Save This Tedious Remake of Nani’s Middle Class Abbayi (Onhike Exclusive)

Nikamma Movie Review: Abhimanyu Dassani and Shilpa Shetty Can’t Save This Tedious Remake of Nani’s Middle Class Abbayi (LatestLY Exclusive)

Nikamma Movie Review: Dear Bollywood, you know right, that it is difficult to root for you when you end up picking up one more South movie for a remake and then do a slipshod at doing that. The latest entry to do so is Nikamma, directed by Sabbir Khan, which is a remake of the Telugu film, Class Abbayi, starring Nani, Bhumika Chawla and Sai Pallavi. Sure, we are living in times when Bollywood audience just can’t get enough of masala potboilers – see the success of Bhool Bhulaiyaa 2 – but Nikamma is quite a hapless remake of a decent enough action entertainer that is let down by its average and un-charismatic performances. Nikamma Movie: Review, Cast, Plot, Trailer, Release Date – All You Need to Know About Shilpa Shetty Kundra, Abhimanyu Dassani, Shirley Setia’s Film.

Aadhi (Abhimanyu Dassani) is an irresponsible, unemployed, happy-go-lucky fella who is sent by his married elder brother (a disinterested Samir Soni, which I think is now his perennial expression these days) to be with his bhabhi when she is transferred to Dhaamli, a town in UP, as an RTO officer. The problem is Aadhi hates his sister-in-law Avni (Shilpa Shetty), because he believes she doesn’t like him back and presumes her to be a killjoy. At Dhaamli, while Avni makes him do household stuff to make him more responsible, Aadhi would rather spend time with his equally useless friends. One of these friends is played by Mayur More, who we better know as the protagonist of TVF’s cult popular show, Kota Factory. It is terrible to see such talented actors wasted in movies in roles that are nothing but thankless.

Anyway, Aadhi also has a love story that is as weird as it comes. A PYT named Nikki (Shirley Sethia) falls in heads-over-heels in love with him at merely a couple of sightings and even wants to marry him. Why, you ask? Because she found his nikamma behaviour fascinating. If the government gets to see this film, I wonder if they will use this scene as a way to keep the youth in the country remain happy and inspired in their unemployment.

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It doesn’t matter, though – the love story, for it is perfunctory as it comes like most scenes in the first half. So far, so very passable albeit with some corny jokes and Abhimanyu trying hard to being a funny man that you really feel bad for him. It is only near the interval block that the actual plotline kicks in.

The main narrative revolves around how Aadhi comes to rescue of his bhabhi, whose honest ways of carrying her brings her in direct confrontation with town baddie and aspiring MLA Vikramjit (Abhimanyu Singh), who shares his surname with one of the most controversial CMs in the country. Ok, I see what you did there, Sabbir Khan!

The second half revolves around a six day challenge. If Aman promised he would make Naina fall in love with Rohit in Kal Ho Naa Ho in six days, then Nikamma‘s baddie goes the opposite way and promises Aadhi that he would kill his sister-in-law in six days. Say what, looks like both Aman and Vikramjit never work on Sundays. Nikamma: Abhimanyu Dassani Discusses His New Film and Shares a Message for Those Who Don’t Have Their Lives Figured Out.

Sabbir Khan is known for giving a hit debut to Tiger Shroff (and Kriti Sanon, for the matter) with Heropanti. He went on to give Tiger another hit in Baaghi, however, Munna Michael‘s failure put a dent to their partnership. Now with Nikamma, the filmmaker wants to push the Mard Ko Dard Nahi Hota golden boy Abhimanyu Dassani into Tiger Shroff-territory. Tiger, meanwhile, had Heropanti 2 earlier this year, made by another director, and we all know what a travesty that turned out to be. At least, Nikamma is a less watch in comparison.

Now whoever has watched Mard Ko Dard Nahi Hota knows Bhagyashree’s son can do the air-kicks quite well, and is a decent enough actor. So when he is in action mode in Nikamma, Abhimanyu feels quite in his comfort zone. The trouble is when the protagonist needs to put on his swag mode, where the performance of the actor begins to feel forced and mechanical. It doesn’t benefit him much that the action scenes around him are also mechanically choreographed, using the lazy slo-mo tactics, while nearly every action scene begins with a baddie flying from the side after being kicked offscreen and crashing down on a vehicle.

Then there is Shilpa Shetty, returning to the big screen after 14 years (Hungama 2 was an OTT release, and frankly, no one wants to remember it). She is decent, but her dressing style often feels out of place at times. The remake, however, does one thing better about her character compared to the original in the third act that goes against the damsel-needs-rescue trope (even though Aadhi spends most of the second half doing exactly that). That said, the said ‘thing’ comes with a ridiculous twist that screams convenient and illogical writing which will make you baulk.

Shirley Sethia’s in the film is to be the ‘beauty’ (not mine, but the hero’s pet-name for her) and have good chemistry with the hero, otherwise has nothing else to offer. Abhimanyu Singh’s baddie act consists of gnarly smiles and bulging eyes. In fact, the only actor who manages to leave an impression was Vikram Gokhale, who, sadly, was only in one scene!


– A Couple of Confrontation Scenes Work

– Avoiding the Damsel in Distress Act in the Finale (Somewhat)


– Average and Writing

– Performances Don’t Leave a Mark

Final Thoughts

There is a lot to say about a movie whose plotline and catchiest song both have been borrowed from other sources. Nikamma is one of the many lacklustre remakes that Bollywood keeps churning with the hope that one of them clicks, but instead gets bulldozed over. Call it an irony, but the movie does live up to its title.

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