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Detroit Lions vs Minnesota Vikings 2021 Live Stream Watch Free Reddit NFL Football Game Online Free. There’s an NFL rule that says the winner of every division gets to make the playoffs. It doesn’t matter if that team happens to be more of a loser than a winner and is just slightly better than the other bad teams in the same division.

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Which brings us to the bleak race to win the NFC East. One of three teams—the Washington Football Team, Dallas Cowboys or New York Giants—will be remembered as perhaps the worst division winner in NFL history. The others will live with the ignominy of failing to win an historically moribund division.

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It’s a fitting lowlight to end a regular season that has been strange in so many ways because of the pandemic. There were games on all seven days of the week. The Denver Broncos played a game without a quarterback. The New England Patriots were bad. The Buffalo Bills were actually good.

BROWNS: The Browns are dealing with more COVID-19 issues that could hamper their matchup against the Steelers on Sunday. The Browns need a win and they will clinch a playoff berth. The Browns could also clinch with a Colts loss or a Titans loss combined with a Dolphins win or tie or a Ravens win or tie. Should the Browns tie against the Steelers, Cleveland can still get in with a Ravens loss, a Dolphins loss, a Titans loss, a Colts tie or a Titans tie combined with a Ravens win and Dolphins win.

COLTS: The Colts are going to need some extra help when it comes to getting into the playoffs but it starts with a win. Indianapolis needs a win against the Jaguars along with a Ravens loss or tie or a Browns loss or tie or a Dolphins loss or tie. The Colts could also tie and get into the playoffs. A tie along with a Ravens loss or a Browns loss or a Dolphins loss gets them in. The Colts could win the AFC South with a win and a Titans loss or tie or a tie and a Titans loss.

DOLPHINS: The Dolphins need to beat the Bills to get into the playoffs. If they don’t, the team could still get in with a Ravens, Browns or Colts loss. The Dolphins could tie but would need a Ravens, Browns or Colts tie or a Titans loss to still have a spot in the playoffs.

RAVENS: A Ravens win over the Bengals will get them into the playoffs. Should they lose, a Browns or Colts loss would get them in. Should Baltimore tie, the Ravens would need a Dolphins, Titans or Browns loss or a Colts tie to help them in.

TITANS: A Titans win over the Texans gets the team into the playoffs and a division title. They also get in with a Colts loss or if they tie and the Colts tie. The team can get into the playoffs without needing a win if the Ravens or Dolphins lose or the Titans tie and the Browns, Dolphins or Ravens tie.

BEARS: If the season ended last week, the Bears would be in. But it comes down to Week 17. The Bears need to win and they are in. But they can also get in with a Cardinals loss or a tie against the Packers and a Cardinals tie.

CARDINALS: The Cardinals need to beat the Rams or tie with the Rams and the Bears tie with the Packers to get into the playoffs

COWBOYS: The Cowboys are still in the mix for an NFC East title somehow. The Cowboys need to beat the Giants and Washington needs to lose or tie or the Cowboys can tie and Washington loses for the team to win the division and make the playoffs.

GIANTS: For the Giants, if they beat the Cowboys and Washington loses the team is in the postseason.

RAMS: The Rams get into the postseason with a win or tie against the Cardinals or a Bears loss or tie to the Packers.

PACKERS: The Packers can clinch a first-round bye with a win or tie against the Bears or a Seahawks loss or tie.

SAINTS: The Saints can clinch a first-round bye with a win, a Packers loss and a Seahawks win.

SEAHAWKS: Seattle gets a first-round bye if it beats the 49ers, the Packers lose and the Saints lose or tie.

WASHINGTON: A win for Washington gives it the NFC East crown. But should the team tie against the Eagles, it would need a Cowboys loss or tie to still limp in.


Here’s the final slate of Week 17 games

1 PM (ET)

Bills vs. Dolphins (CBS)

Bengals vs. Ravens (CBS)

Browns vs. Steelers (CBS)

Lions vs. Vikings (FOX)

Patriots vs. Jets (CBS)

Giants vs. Cowboys (FOX)

Buccaneers vs. Falcons (FOX)

4:25 PM (ET)

Bears vs. Packers (FOX)

Broncos vs. Raiders (CBS)

Colts vs. Jaguars (CBS)

Chiefs vs. Chargers (FOX)

Rams vs. Cardinals (CBS)

49ers vs. Seahawks (FOX)

Panthers vs. Saints (FOX)

Texans vs. Titans (CBS)

8:20 PM (ET)

Eagles vs. Washington (NB

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