New England Patriots odds to win Super Bowl after DeVante Parker trade

On Saturday, the Miami Dolphins and the New England Patriots completed an intriguing trade, with Miami sending DeVante Parker to New England in exchange for a 2023 third-round pick.

Given that Miami just traded away the majority of their draft capital for Tyreek Hill, this is undoubtedly a wise decision. The Dolphins were also concerned about DeVante Parker, who has a history of injuries.

On the other hand, from the standpoint of New England, this is a fantastic deal. There’s a case to be made that DeVante Parker is one of the best wide receivers in all of football if he can remain healthy. Obviously, he isn’t Tyreek Hill, Cooper Kupp, or others of that caliber, but he is more than capable of serving as a wide receiver two or three.

The New England Patriots’ odds have yet to be revised, and they shouldn’t change much as a result of this trade. They already have +2500 odds to win the Super Bowl next season, and although adding DeVante Parker is beneficial, he isn’t someone who will cause the books to modify their line significantly.

Parker had played in Miami for seven seasons, the best of which was in 2019. He finished the season with nine touchdowns and more than 1,000 yards. This was one of the few seasons of his career that he was healthy.

New England usually finds a way to keep players on the field while still allowing them to flourish in the offense. The Patriots don’t have a quarterback in the mold of Tom Brady anymore, but Bill Belichick is one of the greatest in the world at ensuring that his team runs an efficient offense, so adding a player with route skills and speed like DeVante Parker should certainly help rookie quarterback Mac Jones.

New England will look to be one of the most consistent teams in football once again next season, just as they have been for the past decade.

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